Funky Little owl bag pattern review and giveaway

****this giveaway is now closed, scroll down to see the winner!*****

I know what you’re thinking. But no, you cannot have either of these bags. Sadie would have a conniption. She adores her owl bag. Can you blame her? Look at those adorable goo-goo eyes. Sadie’s is the one on the right, the other bag was for her little friend’s birthday present. The moment I spotted this adorable pattern, I knew I had to make one. It’s from the lovely shop, Pattern Play.

They have many other adorable patterns like these Zoo Friends toy balls. Have you ever seen such cuteness? Honestly, it shouldn’t be legal, how cute these are.

A few of the other patterns that caught my eye were the Preschool backpack (eek Sadie is going to be  starting that sometime soon, huh?… hmm…preschool I mean, not sewing backpacks)

and the pattern for these soft and stackable rings. AWEsome. I wish I’d seen this before I bought the plastic ones.

Still…those owl eyes get me every time. WHO (I’ll wait…) says owls are overdone? I still love ’em!

And it’s a pretty large bag! Here’s a pic with Sadie to show how it compares. I’m thinking it will be a good size to carry her quiet toys to church in. Hope no one minds an owl-y bag staring at them from the next pew over.
The only things I did differently for this pattern were adding magnetic snaps instead of ribbon ties, and shortening the strap to better fit Sadie. (still big, but she’ll grow into it) The pattern and instructions were flawless. I was never once confused. (THAT my friends, means it’s a good pattern, yes even I get confused with patterns…hence making up my own!) Oh, and that main stripey fabric on Sadie’s bag is by Mo Bedell from Bluehill Fabrics, and called Party Dress in Drip Stripe. I got it from my sponsor, Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops, it looks like she’s out though, I must have cleaned her out, lol. Love this fabric! (I found it in a couple places when I googled it.) The other fabrics are from Hobby Lobby, Joann, Amy Butler, my scrap bin…

 How would you like your own copy of this adorable pattern to make your own owl bag? Or the chance to choose a favorite pattern of your own from her shop?
Here’s how:
Take a look around her Etsy shop, come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me what pattern you’d choose if you won! That’s it! ALso PLEASE oh please oh please leave your email address in the comment also so I can contact you!
She would also like to offer 20% off purchases through July 15th from her shop! Use the code CisNoptional20 for this awesome deal. 😀
I’ll choose a winner Friday night, July 1st. Good luck!

The winner is….Amber! Congrats! I’ll be in touch.


  1. Love love LOVE the owl pattern! You chose well and the pattern is great! I’d love to make these for my girls! …and maybe one for me too!

  2. I do like the barnyard animal balls, but I think the owl bag would get much more use. And if the instructions are fool-proof, then count me in :)

  3. The owl bag! Adorable! I want one for myself. I’m sure my girls would fight me for it but I’m bigger so I’ll win. ^-^ Or I could just make 3.


  4. I love the Ring Stacker Soft Toy pattern… I would so make it for my nephew! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  5. I would choose the owl bag pattern. It’s soooo cute! I love it!

    thalia [aT] rynet{d0t}c0m

  6. I love the Ring Stacker Soft Toy Pattern. What a great idea. I’m a newcomer to your blog, but love pretty much everything about it. You’ve inspired me to pull out the sewing machine and see what I can come up with. erskinesc(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. I love her easy shop! I already marked it as a favorite. If I won I think I would choose the toddler backpack. This would be great for taking to church, the library,and even school! I also love the ball animals. They would make a cute baby gift.

  8. That owl bag is awfully CUTE!!! But since I have a little one due in September, I’d get the stacking rings pattern. LOVE IT!

    annaboo728 (at) aol (dot) com

  9. I think I would have to get the preschool backpack pattern. It was a hard choice though, everything is adorable!

  10. Olga M. says:

    oh, there are so many adorable toys to make. i would love to make that Ring Stacker Soft Toy for my yet unborn second baby (come in august :) ). hope to win your great giveaway! thanks for that!

  11. I will go with the preschooler backpack – its’ adorable as is the model on the site :)

  12. I’d probably choose the fairy princess ballerina tutu pattern, but there are so many cute patterns at her shop that it would be hard to choose just one :-)

  13. I love the owl bag pattern!

    If I couldn’t/didn’t choose that one, then I would love the zoo animals ball pattern! I have an 18 mo. daughter who would love them, and a friend with a newborn who is going to need lots of cute hand made toys!

  14. love that owl bag pattern! My friends all have their little girls room in owl theme – so it would be perfect!

  15. Oh, wow – I’d have to pick either the preschool backpack or the campfire cookout. I can’t decide between the two. If I’m not lucky enough to win one of them, I think I may have to buy both! xo

  16. I think the barn yard ball and zoo balls are great. The owl bag is very tempting though….

  17. While they are all adorable, I LOVE the owl bag! I have seriously fallen in love with it and I’m dying to make a few of them! :)

  18. SO CUTE!! I like the toddler backpack. :) emmillee(AT)gmail(dot)com

  19. I’d have to go with the owl bag since I need a new diaper bag and think that would be a great one to carry around. Just found your blog and absolutely love it!!!
    ma_lafranque at hotmail dot com

  20. i love the owl bag pattern for sure. my 3 girls would just love this!

    twrightgirl at

  21. I would choose the owl bag also! I have decorated my classroom in owls and this would be the perfect addition. I could use it as a mystery bag! Love it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I love the farm animal balls, so cute!!

  23. I would choose the owl bag. We are big into owls in our family

  24. That campfire cookout is so adorable! That’s my choice. :)

    kritty518 at yahoo dot com

  25. I adore that Owl bag! It is so super cute! I also loved the Preschool backpack and it caught my eye since my little guy is starting preschool this year. It would be perfect!


  26. I really love the owl bag! Very very nice. Carolien

  27. I love the owl bag! I’m already picking out the perfect fabric in my mind!

  28. I love the owl bag, and the tu-tu pattern and that adorable campfire set! Such cute patterns!
    THank you for the giveaway

  29. oh i love the zoo and the barn yard animal balls. what a cute idea!!

    sarah.fitch@ gmail . com

  30. I love the Ring Stacker and the Preschool Backpack! I’ve actually been eyeing the ring stacker pattern for a really long time now, lol!


  31. The owl bag would be my favorite. I love anything with owls! I would love to win it but I was going to buy it but it shows up as sold. :(


  32. The campfire pattern would be popular here, my daughter would love the owl bag though. those bunny slippers ~cute!~


  33. The owl bag pattern, or the cute crayon and notepad wallet. I totally need that in my big diaper bag! Especially for those shopping trips, or doctors appointments.
    Thanks for the give away!

  34. I love the owl pattern, the crayon/notepad pattern and also the bib. Oh did you say my favorite :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  35. I adore that owl bag!!

  36. Wow, so cute! I like the owl pattern the most, but I didn’t see it in her shop? Otherwise I like the stackable rings. Way bettter than plastic!

  37. I love the animal balls – I’m a preschool teacher and they would be awesome to have in my classroom!

  38. I like both the pre school backpack and the owl pattern. My girls would love both!

  39. It would be hard to choose between those sweet bunny slippers and the barn yard balls, but I think I’d choose the slippers. OOOOOOOOOoooo…..too cute!!!!!!!

    selahmama4 at yahoo dot com

  40. I love the owl bag! So cute!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ooooooh, can’t decide between the Caterpillar and the Zoo Friends. I think I’d have to go with the caterpillar – even though it’s got everything I shy away from. Buttons! Zippers! Snaps!


  42. I love the owl bag! My little girl would love it too :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  43. I’m torn between the owl bag and the preschool backpack. Love the idea of using them for church things!

  44. I love the owl bag aswell. i guess we all love that one, and thanks alot, my 2 girls will love this.

  45. I think the owl bag is my favorite but the bunny slippers are really cute too!

    hillary (at) redballoonpr (d0t) com

  46. I would HAVE to get the owl pattern! I’m in love! So cute 😀


  47. LOVE the barnyard balls! But that owl bag is adorable — I have a friend that would love it!

    ~ Jen @ Musings of a Crafty Mom

  48. The Funky Little owl bag is adorable!! I would love to win it.

  49. I love the funky owl bag – but think the preschool backpack is a little more practical for me!!! Thanks for the giveaway. ms_sunshyne at yahoo dot com

  50. I contacted her on etsy because I wanted the owl pattern and she re-listed it! So if you want to purchase it’s available again! Excited about making some of these for my chi o sisters!

  51. The owl pattern is to die for, love it!

  52. Hello…the Bunny Slippers are so cute and I’m also loving the Learn to Dress Caterpillar!

  53. OMG! I LOVE her OWL Bag! I want the pattern so bad!! Can I be the lucky one? Love the bags you made from her pattern.


  54. I would really love to make that owl bag! So perfect for all the younger girls in my life (and myself!)

  55. Even though I too love the owl bag, I think I like the preschool backpack…being as my oldest is starting preschool this fall. Crazy!

  56. I love the owl bag! The barnyard balls are really cute too.

  57. I have several of her patterns, and they are AWESOME!! Very clear, and Oh-so-CUTE!!!

    I would pick the owl bag…love it!

  58. Since my babies are too big for those adorable bunny slippers, I guess I would have to chose the owl bag – too cute for words!

  59. Oh my goodness she has some adorable patterns! I do really love the owl bag though! So Cute!!

  60. Hmmm tricky decision to make I think it must be the Little Owl bag though. thanks very much for the chance to win.
    I’m giving away on my blog too this week, feel free to pop over and enter:

  61. Oh I want the Funky Owl bag pattern!! I have a daughter that would love to carry this around!!

  62. Love the Princess Tutu and the Funky Little Owl pattern. That bag is great.

  63. I would LOVE the Owl bag it is the cutest thing ever!!!

  64. Oh, that owl bag is the best!!! (I like the learn to dress caterpillar, too)
    cadamsworship @ []

  65. Wow, she has some CUTE patterns! I love the owl bag, but I’d have to go with the pre-school backpack. Love it!

  66. LOVE the owl bag, it is easily my favorite in her whole shop!

  67. The owl bag is definitely a favorite, and I agree, owls may the rage right now but for good reason! They’re just so darn cute! Also love the bunny slipper-shoes in her Etsy shop. My MIL would love those too, since she raises rabbits. Glad to know the patterns are easy, since I have yet to create a single project without make at least one (usually many more) mistakes!

  68. The bunny slippers are pretty cute but that owl bag is amazing!! What a great little shop :)

  69. Jessica says:

    I would definitely go with the baby bunny slippers. They are way too cute!

  70. Loving that zoo ball friends pattern. Would make the best first bday gift or baby shower gift


  71. It would have to be the owl bag…although al lher patters are pretty cute. -andrea

  72. those are ADORABLE!!! I love the soft rings and building blocks and the preschool backpack!
    cherryvanilla222 (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. Oh my goodness! The bunny slippers! Yes, yes, yes!!! :) I just might buy the pattern if I don’t win. Too cute!

  74. Bunny Slippers!

    Thank you!

  75. how cute, i love all the patterns in that shop! the owl is amazing, the ring stacker is great, i love those zoo balls and that felt campfire? my kids would have a grand time with that! hope i win!

  76. I think I would have to follow you and do the owl pattern…super cute!

  77. I love everything in the shop!! I probably would like to have the owl purse tho :) thank you!
    suezneal at gmail dot com

  78. Lots of cute choices, but I especially liked the barnyard balls pattern! sorainima (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. I want the owl purse or the preschool backpack. Both are adorable!

    email: upsidedownk8(at)gmail(dot)com

  80. I need an entire zoo of toy balls now…I think I will have to have the patterns for all of them. Especially the crocodile. With ric rac…too cute. jones(dot)amanda(dot)m(at)gmail(dot)com

  81. Anonymous says:

    I love all her patterns… but I think I would choose the zoo friends toy balls! They are so cute! 😀

  82. Totally cute stuff in that shop! Though I have to say the owl bag is my favorite. We love all things owl around here!

  83. So hard to choose! It is all so cute, but I think I would have to go with the owl bag as well. My girls would love it.

  84. My little girl goes completely crazy when she sees a toy ball! She’s 19 months and seems to have some sort of radar!
    I think she’s going to be a great soccer player when she’s bigger. That being said, she really loves ones she can actually carry and I know she’d go nuts for the zoo friends toy balls :)
    I also think they’d make great party favours!
    Lucy and little Joan x


  85. Can I be completely unoriginal and say the most adorable owl bag I’ve ever seen?! So cute.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I’d love the pattern for the backpack if I win. Thanks for the chance! And that owl bag you made is adorable! I love it! I thought at first you were giving it away too ha ha!

  87. I love the owl bag, barnyard and zoo animal balls AND Campfire Cookout felt food patterns! It would be SO hard to choose just one!

  88. Oh My gosh! Just choose one favourite. Impossible! Her stuff is so cute I think I have to go get the bunny slippers pattern right now. I think the one I would choose though would be the ring stacker pattern.

  89. Wow, I love the bags I would go with the owl bag pattern. With 6 girls that pattern would get some good use.

    lisajones 515 at gmail dot com

  90. I would pick the Zoo Friends balls… My boys would love them!

    diannelovelock AT gmail DOT com

  91. The owl pattern of course! So cute!

  92. The stackables are adorable!!!

  93. I would have a hard time choosing just one but the first project I would make would be the stacking rings. Adorable!!! And such a good baby gift :)

  94. I LOVE the owl bag… I would make it for me! I also really like the animal balls!

  95. What great patterns! Thanks for introducing me!

    I love the learn to dress caterpillar, but I think I’d pick the Funky Little Owl bag!

    Thanks for the fun! (email linked to profile)

  96. I LOVE the zoo friends balls!

  97. So I feel like a bit of a stalker, I’ve just taken up sewing and I love your page and easy to folllow tutorials. Updated much look at your blog every day when I should be working :) so I would love to win the stuffed rings pattern from the pattern play collection. Thanks and love your blog! Jenn

  98. I am in love with the barnyard ball friends! My son is only three months old, but I’m sure we’d get a lot of use out of them!

    joyfulcanary at gmail dot com

  99. Can’t choose between the stackable hoops or the oh so cute owl bag. I already have her Preschool backpack pattern and had a huge success with it sewing one for my nephew.

    anielachapelle at hotmail dot com

  100. I would love to win the Owl bag or maybe the Zoo Friends Toy Balls or any of them!! They are all so cool!!

    swblythe at hotmail dot com

  101. Love your owl bags- so cute! Would love to win a pattern. If I win, I would have to choose between the zoo balls or owl bag. Love them both!

    klineca AT gmail DOT com

  102. I love the barnyard balls! Super cute

  103. such cute patterns! i have a 4 year old granddaughter so i immediately zeroed in on things for her…..but my daughter is now expecting a boy in 4 weeks. now i have to build up my patterns to be a little less on the feminine side. so i would choose the barn balls. i remember my son seemed to always have a ball in his mouth as a baby. and then i think i would have to buy the zoo balls myself. thanks for the give away.
    terri sue

  104. I love the owl bag! I also love the ring stacker and the abc building blocks! I would have a hard time choosing one of those if I won.

  105. I already have several of her patterns,and I think she is amazing! I would love the owl bag pattern!

  106. Oh my! It is hard to choose but I think I love the toy balls! Either Zoo or Barn, I love them both. I love the owl bag too, we are still into owls here, even if they are “last season!” Thanks.

  107. Sorry, I forgot my email…!2 apronstrings(at)gmail dot com.

  108. Anonymous says:

    I think the bunny slippers are cute but I would pick the owl bag if I were going to purchase a pattern.
    kristincampbell620@yahoo dot com

  109. I really love the owl bag. So cute!

  110. I’d go with the owl bag or the surprise bunny puppet.

  111. I love the tutu pattern!! My daughter would absolutely love it!

  112. The bunny slippers are super cute but I would have to go with the back pack for sure!
    myzoebug (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

  113. The zoo friends toy balls are so cute!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Oh, I’d definitely choose the owl bag pattern! Even my teenage daughter would love one of these!

    sisujones (at) yahoo (dot) com

  115. can’t make up my mind…either the Zoo Friends Toy Balls or the Learn to dress caterpillar

  116. Oh my goodness. There is sooo much cuteness in that shop!!! I think I would choose the owl bag or the toddler backpack.

  117. So hard to choose!! I think I’d have to either the learn to dress caterpillar or the Owl bag! Thanks for the introduction to Pattern Play!

  118. There are SO many I would love to have, but omgosh! That owl Bag is SO cute! If I don’t win I’ll be buying it anyway!

  119. I love the learn to dress caterpillar. So cute!

  120. I love that owl bag!! I also think the preschool backpack would make for a great birthday gift. Cute Cute Cute!!

  121. My favorite is the funky little owl bag (but I also love the preschool backpack)!

    slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  122. Melissa says:

    I would HAVE to choose the owl bag pattern- my girls would love to take them to dance classes, and would make great presents for all my nieces. SO adorable!

  123. Besides the owl purse, I’d choose the crayon and notepad wallet. So cute and practical! I always have a myriad of broken, linty crayons rolling around the bottom of my purse.

  124. oh my! I almost want to have another baby just so I can sew some of those adorable bunny slippers! In fact I want to resize them to fit my own feet……

    Thanks for linking to this shop, there’s so much on etsy it’s easy to overlook great shops like this

  125. The Campfire cookout is too cute! I love it!

  126. Holy cow, tough choice! I think I’d do the ring stacker to go with a blanket & pennant I’m making for a friend’s baby due this fall. But I also HAVE to have that owl bag!

  127. So cute the owl bag .. I want to win the pattern.. I want to make one for myself…
    Thanks for the chance…
    Cheers from hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

  128. I would LOVE that owl bag pattern for my daughter!!! It is TOO CUTE!

    Thanks for the chance :)


  129. My favorite is the notebook & colors pattern.

    bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  130. Oh my, everything is super cute! I’m torn between the owl bag (which I might would have to make into a pillow) and the bunny slippers!

  131. Definitely like the owl pattern best!

  132. i adore the zoo friends toy balls! lots of cute patterns! thanks!

  133. i am love the owl pattern! You chose well and the pattern is great!
    spero di essere la fortunella saluti dall’italia
    blog creativo

  134. the zoo balls are adorable. but so are the bunny slippers.
    chandra dawn {at) yahoo [dot} com

  135. i would get the Ring Stacker Soft Toy!! Fingers crossed!!
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  136. I love the learning to dress caterpillar, stacking rings, and zoo balls… but I would really love that owl bag! Adorable!

  137. I like the stackable rings! Very cute!

  138. Must. have. the. barnyard. ball.

    It’s so cute!

  139. Good morning,
    I like the Barnyard Ball Pattern, if I’m the lucky one.

  140. It would be a tie between the owl bag and the backpack pattern, both are adorable!

  141. Gotta have the owl bag pattern! My email is and if I don’t get back to you right away, don’t give up on me. I’m having a baby on July 1st, so I may be a day or two getting back to you :)

  142. I am torn between the owl bag and the crayon and notepad wallet. My daughter likes to draw.
    Sprekdog at yahoo dot com

  143. Hmm… while that Owl bag is definitely cute (and I’m not usually about owls!), I have to say I *love* the Campfire Cookout in felt. All I can say is “Wow!” How cool would that be for a kid to have a “tent” made of sheets/towels/blankets and be able to camp out no matter the weather/bugs!

  144. Although I want the owl bag, my 5 month old grand daughter wants the barnyard animals ball pattern. Either would work.
    jmclean at mts dot net

  145. I love love love the owl bags, pretty sure I would chose that pattern

    Leslie at leavitt dot us

  146. I really love the Suprise Bunny Puppet. So cute!

  147. She has so many cute patterns! I love the barnyard balls, but I also love the owl pattern that you chose.
    liz_froemming (at) hotmail (dot) com

  148. I already posted but also forgot to follow the instructions.
    Here’s what I said: Besides the owl purse, I’d choose the crayon and notepad wallet. So cute and practical! I always have a myriad of broken, linty crayons rolling around the bottom of my purse.
    And here’s my EMAIL address:

  149. Love those owl bags! The backpacks are very cute too.

  150. I didn’t put my email in the last comment!!! So you can always delete the other one and count this one as my real one! The owl bag and my email is tiffvranes(at)gmail(dot)com.

  151. Incredibly cute stuff! But if I must choose, I’d go with the Preschool Backpack, as my 3-year-old starts school in September, and at the school meeting today they told us to get them (nobody ever seems to remember home-made exists) a small backpack with no wheels. My address is solitaet (at) hotmail (dot) com

  152. adorable! my little girl would love that! we are totally into owls over here so i would definitely pick the owl pattern!

  153. Anonymous says:

    These are too cute. I would have to pick the Funky Little Owl bag pattern. It would be so cute for my little girl to bring for her daycare bag and we would always know which one is hers.

  154. my husband and daughters would get such a kick out of the campfire felt cookset pattern! my husband is a total outdoor man and is hoping that our third (due in august) is a boy so he can impart his love for the outdoors to a son! if we see pink again, at least he could pretend play to camp with our girlies!
    forgot to write this at first–my email address is in my profile!

  155. Love the owl bag pattern! Perfect for hauling my daughter’s toys.

    suzcroft at gmail dot com

  156. I would absolutely pick the owl bag, it’s awesome! Runner up would be the baby bunny shoes.

    jshen37 at gmail dot com

  157. Ng Lay Yen says:

    Cute patterns ! My favourite is the Preschool Backpack. Thanks for the giveaway ! joyenwen(at) yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg

  158. I do really like that owl bag. But I think the Learn to Dress Caterpillar would be really useful. I still remember the Learn to Dress Bear I had when I was a kid. You never really forget the animals that teach you how to zip up your pants…

    latent D.T hostility A.T gmail D.T C.M

  159. I would sooo choose the Surprise Bunny Puppet! I would make these for my nephews and niece for Christmas presents.

    hopemt at iinet (dot) net (dot) au

  160. I really like the owl bag, but I like the animal balls too! The little chick ball reminds me of this game I have been hooked on – not-so-happy birds against some green oinkers.

  161. LOVE the owl bag… went to the etsy site and it is sold out so I sure hope I win or she adds more!! Thanks

  162. thanks for introducing me to this gorgeous shop! I love the bunny slippers, but all the patterns are lovely.

  163. I’ve been passing this link around the office all morning and I think the Owl Bag pattern is the winner! I would definitely choose that one if I won! Failing that I think I’m just going to buy it anyway!


  164. Difficult to choose! Probably the owl bag…

  165. I mostly love the pre school backpack, so that would be what I would choose :)

  166. I would love to win the my little pocket bib!

  167. I have to go w/ the owl purse. It is just too cute to choose anything else!

  168. the owl bag is super cute!! i love the animal balls too.. :)

  169. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  170. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  171. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  172. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  173. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  174. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  175. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  176. Oh it’s hard to choose. I like the owl back and the zoo ball toys. Please pick me.

  177. So hard to choose! I love the zoo friends ball toys, but I think I’d make the ring stackers for everyone I know! Ooh, but those bunny slippers! Cuteness! katiefewell(at)gmail(dot)com

  178. I’d have to choose only one?? Those patterns are adorable and amazing!!! I’m drooling over the zoo ball friends and the barnyard ones, and the stackable rings are genius.

    My favorite that I would HAVE to pick is the owl bag, though. My son’s giant brown eyes have earned him the nickname of “owl baby” and I just can’t get enough of the adorable creatures!! I’d love to scale it down and put a boy spin on it to carry around his little cars for when I need him to be occupied in public :)

  179. I love everything but the owl bag is adorable! I love it!

    abbeyniemann at gmail dot com

  180. I’d pick the owl bag pattern! Love the fabrics you’ve used.

    courtneywhite (at) hotmail (dot) com

  181. There are so many cute patterns at her shop, it’s so hard to choose just one but… i’ll go for the Owl Bag pattern.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  182. lots of cute patterns, but i’d pry have to choose the owl one too. so stinkin cute!
    amo72 at ymail dot com

  183. Oh sorry my e-mail: Thank you!!

  184. What an adorable bag! She has a great esty shop there too. Love her great ideas! I’d have to choose the owl bag pattern though since my daughter LOVES owls! I made her a little owl hairbow and she wants to wear it all the time! We will be starting to have her sit with us in church soon so I know she’d love to use it for her quiet toys and books as well.
    Thanks for your blog! LOVE it! :)

  185. I love the owl bag pattern! The preschool backpack and baby bunny slippers are pretty cute too!

  186. I love the Learn to Dress Caterpillar. It would be perfect for Daniel, we’ve been looking for something like that forever. It would also be awesome for me to learn a bunch of easy sewing skills.

  187. I love that owl bag, it is too cute. I sure hope I win : )

    Jlharcus ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com

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