little birthday dress/facebook

One of Sadie’s little girl friends had her birthday party today! Sadie had a blast-it was a Cookie Monster theme and so fun! We picked out a fun puzzle for her at the store, but I also couldn’t help making her a little dress-it was really easy and sewed up pretty quick! I only used 1/2 yard of fabric for the skirt, sewed it into a tube, then cut off some of the store bought shirt, sewed them together, then added a sash and sewed that to the front of the dress. Really. easy!

I love the fabric-it’s from Darlene Zimmerman’s Betty Dear line: in Mod Floral Aqua. The pink has tiny white polka dots, don’t have the selvage anymore. Both of them don’t look like they’re available where I bought them. Darn! I didn’t get them too long ago either. Weird.

I had just enough to scrap together a matching hair clip as well.  I used one of Katie’s awesome buttons for the middle, with some embroidery thread for a punch of color. Cute! 
Hope the birthday girl likes it!


  1. YEAH!!! You’re on FB. So exciting!! LOVE that dress. Looks like an easy one.

    That’s too bad about the fabric, would of loved some of that.


  2. The perfect party dress, Jess. x

  3. Oooh! I love it! I have to make gresses like that for my girls.

  4. Perfect! I’ve been wanting to try a t-shirt dress for my girls! Have you ever seen one with 3 tiers of “ruffle” on the bottom? I need to find a serious tutorial since I’m not much of a seamstress!
    Yours is so cute!

  5. That little dress is to die for! We need a tutorial for an adult version! 😉

  6. Absolutely adorable!

  7. LOVE this dress. The fabric is so cute! Great job!

  8. Adorable!! I’m sure she’ll love the dress! I’m definatly going to give this dress a try, it turned out beautiful!

  9. adorable dress Jess! I am using that same method for my girls’ Easter dresses. So cute and simple!

  10. Another cute dress! And another place to leave slightly weird and creepy comments – Yay!

  11. Way too cute!!!

  12. Love the dress, Jess. But I really love the hair clip with Katie’s amazing button… adorable!

  13. I will open facebook in new tab and “Like” you :)
    See you there !

  14. So beautiful! Love the dress!

  15. Love your blog!! So many lovely things!!:D:D

  16. How have I just discovered your blog and gotten thoroughly sucked into all of your posts!? Your newest follower :)

  17. I don’t know how I missed seeing that clip with the button the first time around. It’s adorable! And I love the embroidery floss. SO cute.

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