the ric rac dress

Oh my gosh I love this top pic. What a nerd. She is SOO my child.
ANYways,  here is another dress I made. Shocker, right? Who ‘da thunk it? Jess, sewing a dress? Whaa?
Ok, ok. The simple truth is, I just can’t get enough of making little dresses for my Sadester! Can you blame me? She gets so excited about a new one and looks so darn cute in them! It’s an illness. And baby I don’t want the cure!
This one I made altering the Rachel wrap-just wanted to play around with it’s versatility. It’s very versatile-ish. This time I did a button closure on the sides. (elastic loop on the inside)
Also I wanted to play around with some ric rac! I’ve only recently discovered the power of ric rac.
I get mine from my wonderful sponsor, Ribbon Retreat-this particular color is aqua.
I sewed it into the collar and sleeves-I loove how that looks! I also did some (box?) pleats instead of gathers for the skirt-I think it gives it a really fun vintage feel!
The gratuitous close up.
Buttons from Joann’s. Oh! I bet you’re wondering about the gorgeous fabric! (well, I think it’s gorgeous) I got it from it looks like it’s not available anymore. darn. Well, it’s called In Love with Nature Bubble-in Off White. Maybe it’s somewhere else online.
It was quite windy the day we went out for some pics, so we didn’t stray far from the house. And that’s why her skirt is blowing up like that. You can see I stopped the pleats where the skirt covers the front.
Totally ON purpose. Not because I still can’t do correct math for the pleats. Nope, not at all…..
Don’t worry…..OF course I’m planning a tutorial. ;} I gotcha covered. (though maybe not in the math department)


  1. Your ric rac looks so good! My skills need a lot of work. don’t forget to include that in your tut :)

  2. Beautiful, both the dress and the little one. Makes me wish me girls weren’t grown up. Good job.

  3. This is my favorite incarnation of your wrap dress! One more thing to add to my list!

  4. Love the fabric. Love the dress. Love the ric rack! So adorable!

  5. This one needs to be a pattern for sure;) Love the color combo and those red shoes are darling! Pictures rock too;)

  6. This is adorable!!! Keep the dresses tutorials comin!!!! I have 5 girls to sew for and they love new dresses!!!

  7. SO cute Jess! I love the way that ric-rack takes it up a notch.

  8. I’m SO with you on the math part! This is adorable–great detail and very pretty with the ric rac! Love it!

  9. I love it! The ric rac and the pleats give it such a different but adorable look! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  10. Love these pictures of Sadie! I think it’s great you sew her so many darling dresses. I love the ricrac and the pleats.

  11. I am so glad you like making dresses because I like seeing them. I love this variation. I’m totally going to try it. I’m so inspired. I wish I didn’t have a mile long to-do list.

  12. I really like the ric rac. You give me so many ideas I’m never going to be able to implement all of them.

  13. This dress is totally adorable! I’ll stay tuned for the tutorial and maybe even make a few for my nieces! :)

  14. I *need* this dress. Size two for me and add some length ’cause I’m old and a size 4 for Zadie so she can wear it two Summers. Thanks.

  15. Too cute Jess! I have that same problem – addicted to making dresses for my little one (who would want a cure for that?!) I love the ric-rac accents– you should make her a ric-rac headband to go with:

    Can’t wait for the tute!

  16. Loving the jumping pictures! Sadie is such a dang cutie. Love the dress, vintage is awesome!

  17. Oh how I Love love love love love this dress! Any excuse to use ric rac in a tasteful way and I am ALL FOR IT! Love the front wrap closure and buttons – GREAT job! Awesome! Love it :)

  18. Such a cute dress! I love the ric rac and the pleats. Sadie looks so cute!

  19. I so relate. I knew how to sew but really didn’t make much until I had a girl. My almost four year old loves ANY skirts or dresses that I make her and loves fabric almost as much as I do.

    Thank you for your lovely tutorials – can’t wait for this one. I’ve already picked out fabric for a Charlotte dress for each of my girls (didn’t get my act together in time to sew along).

  20. AHHHH! i love this. I am going to HAVE to go get fabric for this dress!! I’m going to make matching ones for my girls. TOO TOO CUTE!!! I love the teal.

  21. Sadie looks extra thrilled by this dress, Jess. Those red shoes couldn’t look any cuter with it. I love that fabric, and the pleats are awesome. Can’t wait for this tutorial.

  22. jess, this is so precious! I love all the details you added, they’re amazing! :) emily would love this since it looks like a twirly dress….

  23. seriously adorable dress! and i’m really digging the action shots. . . too cute. especially the first photo!!

  24. OH MY GOSH!!! CUTEST DRESS EVER!! Sorry I got a little carried away! I really love that dress! I can’t wait for the tutorial!

    Also, will the tutorial include how to sew in the ric rac? Because I really want to add ric rac too!

  25. How do you ever find the time to do all these gorgeous dresses.
    You make me “sew” (ha ha) jealous of my poor sewing skills. x

  26. I have a thing for ric rac at the moment and I love your dress!

  27. Oh, I love it. It tickles my obsession with ric rac right now!

  28. Your sewing is impeccable. And I’m crazy envious of your awesome (and super neat) fabric stash.

  29. I cannot WAIT for the tutorial. This is to die for!

  30. I thought your work was so awesome, I had to show it off!!!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  31. I’m an artist and would like to get your permission to paint the photo with the caption that starts, “It was quite windy the day…” Please send me an email letting me know one way or the other. Thank you.

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