Rachel wrap sew-along!

 drum roll please…..har har just kidding.
Anywhoo! Are you ready for the next sew-along? Good, cause it’s gonna be next week! yay! And we’re gonna make this uber cute wrap shirt-which I dubbed the Rachel wrap shirt. I know, I should name it after Charlotte…next time. I figured she should be able to wear the outfit named after her, huh? And Rachel is my middle name anyways. 😉
 A cute pleated sleeve adds a fun touch.
This is her Supergirl pose? UP, up and away!
I added some simple fabric flowers to jazz it up a bit.
and of course, it ties shut on the sides!
I used Adornit Vintage Groove Folk flower for the main fabric, and Adornit Vintage Groove red polka dots for the trim, both from my sponsor The Scarlet Poppe!
So, who’s up for a sew along!? yahoo! Let’s get sewing! yee haw! woot! (ok, I’ll stop)
Here’s a materials list in case you need to do some shoppin’ before next Monday (or need an excuse) I’m always happy to enable any fabric addictions.
You’ll need:
3/4-1 yard of main fabric
1/2 yard for trim (if you’re making your own bias tape)
If not; 3-4 yards of double fold bias tape
pattern (we’ll adapt the Sadie shirt pattern)
scissors or rotary cutter
machine (duh)
matching thread
pins, seam ripper, all that jazz! 
Plus, one of these bias tape maker doo dads are VERY helpful if you’re planning on making your own bias tape. You can get them at Joann’s for about $6, or less, with one of their coupons. 
P.S. This sew along will only be a 3-part one, so shorter than the Sadie shirt! 
We’ll start on Monday morning! (Jan 24)

Be there or be square!


  1. Hurray!!! I’m so excited! I’m putting together my supplies right now. You are wonderful to do this. I’ll be excited all week. Thank you for giving me a fun reason to smile today. :)

  2. Yay! I’m in :) It’s bedtime now but will dig through my stash tomorrow and find something special to use! It’s my first sew along and I’m a little excited!


  3. I’m LOVING this shirt! You are so very talented.
    I’d love to make one but I feel kinda stuck, I have a baby boy, no girls. Any ideas on how to make it more “boyish”??

  4. Oh Me, Me, ME!! That is just too cute! I have to size it up a bit from the size you usually make but I can make it work! I got my bias tape maker at JoAnns for only about $1.45 with a coupon! :) So worth it!


    (I can’t sign in with my blog through WordPress on here so that is why I added the link. It will only link to my old blog which I haven’t used in over a year!)

  5. Woo hoo! I guess I better get shopping, and get my machine back from my sis! I’ll be ready!!

  6. Oh, I am so excited! I know just the fabrics I want to use!

  7. Eeek! Okay, I’m super excited about this. Such a cute shirt. Although I must admit that I am dreading trying to make a pattern again since I totally bombed that part last time. So I have some questions.

    1.) Last time I used a knit shirt as a pattern (which was probably the problem) because I don’t think I have any non-knit shirts for my daughter currently. Should I use a dress (woven fabric) for a guide for the sleeves and neck and then just use a t-shirt as a guide for length?

    2.) Or is there a good way to do it just from measuring my daughter?

    3.) Any other great ideas for curing me of my terrible pattern-making abilities?

    Thanks in advance Jess. You’re a gem. :)

  8. Will you be posting the sew along for a set size? I live 10 hours from my family and haven’t been able to get an accurate measurement from them :) LoL!

  9. That is an adorable shirt!! Your fabric choices are, as usual, perfection! :o)

  10. Ooh, exciting! I just found your blog, and I’ve been wanting to try making some girl clothes without buying $15 patterns. Can’t wait!

  11. Oh, I totally want in! How fun :)

  12. Im not very good at sewing clothes, but I’m going to try. I should have started with the Sadie shirt. This shirt is too adorable not to attempt.

  13. To answer some questions:


    1. That would work I think! This shirt is a bit more forgiving because of the wrap aspect, but that seems like a good way to bypass any size problems with the knit shirt.

    2. I would take her chest measurement and then, when you have your pattern, measure it, and make sure it is wide enough in the chest, adding in seam allowances.

    3. Keep sewing!! I can’t tell you how many balled up shirts I’ve tossed, but practice makes….well, better. Not perfect, lol, but much better!

    Sewing on Sally the Singer:

    I’ll be showing you how to make a pattern for this shirt using a shirt that fits the child, so measurements may be helpful, but that’s not how I made my pattern.

    Hope this helps! So excited everyone!

  14. How convenient that I just ordered a bias tape maker!! It should be here today or tomorrow.

    My shirt won’t be as cute because I’m pulling fabric from stash, but I’m excited anyway!

  15. Yay, can’t wait!

  16. Yay! I have some cute leftover fabric with spring colors for this project and a coordinating fabric for the bias tape. Can’t wait, this top is adorable!

  17. How hard is this? I’ve never made any clothes before. I sell flag blankets, but I mean that’s straight lines. Anyone (even me!) can sew straight lines! :)

  18. Well… I’m giving a tentative yes (even though you KNOW I will be here:). I have a lot on my plate next week, but I’m sure I will find a way to squeeze it in… maybe I just won’t sleep.

  19. Woohoo! I missed the Sadie shirt sew along so I am super excited to one of these little beauties for my little girl… or seven! Summer’s coming :)

  20. Ohh! I’m very excited, this will be my first sew along.
    My daughter Rita will be really beautifull with the shirt! Thank you a lot!

  21. I’m so excited. Now I just have to figure out which daughter to make it for and which fabric to use. decisions.

  22. I am in!! I was “tardy for the party” with the Sadie Shirt, but I did sew one. :)

    I just need to get some fabric and I’ll be set!

    I will attempt to make 2: one for each of my girls.

  23. I’m giddy just thinking about it! You are so amazing and super talented. I’m so so excited to join in. Thank you, you are wonderful.

  24. I am totally going to sew along!! Your ideas are so fabulous….I wish you lived in Arizona…we could be best friends! :)
    Anyway, I’m a new follower and totally love your stuff, your little girls and your humor! Can hardly wait to sew along!

  25. It’s WAY cute! Thanks for the fabulous sew-along, I’ll be spreading the word.

  26. I hope to join…unless our daughter goes into labor (G)!!!!
    Would be the cutest top for our Granddaughter Clare. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!!!

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