Rachel wrap part 3: finishing up

Well, let’s get that shirt put together, shall we?

Click here to download and print the entire sew along!

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Grab your shirt pieces and read on…

Lay the back piece right side up, then lay the two front pieces right sides down, like so. 
Pin, sew, and serge or zig zag the shoulder seams.
Then sew a gathering stitch along the top of the sleeve, lay your shirt out right side up, and then gather the sleeve to fit the arm hole…
and pin, right sides together. Sew and serge/zig zag the edges.
Now we’ll round off the shirt front…I forgot to do that in the pattern post, but oh well….it’s easy. Line up your two front pieces like so…
and just trim off a little bit, to round the edges, it makes the bias tape much easier to deal with.
Speaking of bias tape…starting at the bottom of one side, start pinning it around your raw edge, easing around the curve you just cut, and continuing along the neckline and back down the other side.
 it should look something like this:
Then, sew the bias tape on, slooowly again.
Now to sew in your ties: Turn your shirt inside out….
and on one side, sandwich one of your ties in between the front and back, about 1/2″ below the armpit.
 and on the other side, just lay your tie on top and sew it along with the side seam.
Speaking of, pin your side seams and sleeves, matching the sleeves up, and sew them up! (sorry no pic)
Then pin and sew your other ties in like so, stitching along the ditch, where you sewed before. I finished the edges of the ties with my pinking shears.
So here’s the ties on one side…
and on the inside…

All to do now is hem it your preferred way-I serged the bottom, ironed it up about 1/2 inch and sewed that.

So that’s it! Unless you’d like to embellish with a simple fabric flower! I cut different sized circles and sewed them together, kinda bunching them up every so often. Then I covered a button with the main fabric and hand sewed it all on.

 Yay! You’re done!
 I can’t wait to see what you guys have made!
Make sure and add it to the flickr pool, so we can all ooh and ahhh, ok?
Happy sewing! Let me know if you have any questions, of course. :)


  1. I’m really looking forward to trying to make one of these this weekend! Being back at the office is limiting my sewing time!

    *Just wanted to mention – to finish off the end of the ties: Before you sew all the way to the end of the tie, you can turn your bias tape inside out and sew across the end, then flip it back around and it will be a finished, squared end. This only takes a little time and makes a very clean end. The pinking is cute, though!

    I love your blog – been reading for a few months now. I’ve been dying to make some of your tutorials – they are on the list!

  2. This is such a pretty top for little girls! I’m loving the contrast-y bias trim and ties!

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  3. She’s so pretty

  4. it seems easy to make a baby clothes, beaucase you explain clear and easy to understand .maybe i should try it with your step.
    i like it.


  5. Your little girl could make a paper bag look cute! What a dollie.

    Love the sew along. Will definitely be trying this shirt for my little princess.

  6. This is adorable. I put it on my to-do list and when try it out as soon as I decide which fabric to use. However, she might not be able to wear it until few months later since it’s dead winter right now. Ummm, maybe I will try a long sleeve …

  7. Just finished and I love it! The sleeves were the hardest but I managed it! May need to put put a long sleeved shirt underneath because its so cold out, but she will definitely have to wear it to church tonight! I will post to the flicker pool. Now I need to go back and try the Sadie shirt!

  8. Thanks for adding this tutorial! My neighbour has a little girl (she turned 9 mths today) and I was thinking of making an easy to put on top for her..this will be perfect…now gotta get Ms Prym!!!

  9. Wow!! that was fast and sooo cute!!! Thanks for putting on awesome tutorials!

  10. I finished it! I love it, thanks for doing the sew along :)


    Rosa :)

  11. This turned out so much cuter than I thought it would. I used a little girl Asian print that I worried would be cliche, but I love it! (I have a sort of moratorium on buying any new fabrics until I whittle down the stash).

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  12. I just finished, have to wait until the baby wakes up to see if it fits :)
    I totally used boring fabric though. And plain bias tape. But it was really easy!
    Thanks :)

  13. I’ve looked at a tutorial on another site as well as yours and I can’t figure out why you would sew the bias and have it facing in the inside of the shirt. I know one is on the inside, but what is the other one long inside the shirt. I am making one for our soon to be born grandson. Please show me a picture and explain this portion. Sorry I just don’t get it.
    Thanks, Teretta

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