Rachel wrap part 1: pattern and pieces

 Alright, Rachel wrap shirt, take one.

Read on!

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Edit: Thanks to my amazing reader, Greta, this tutorial is being made available to print in PDF form!
Pattern time! We’ll start off pretty similar to the Sadie shirt,
So. Find a shirt that fits your child.
Lay it out, folded in half like so. I use freezer paper for my patterns-but you could use anything. Even a few pieces of copy paper taped together. (been there…done that)
Trace around your shirt like so, leaving a 1/2 inch around the shirt to allow for seam allowances.
This is what it should look like!
Make sure to trace where it dips lower in the front.
Now I am using my Sadie shirt bodice piece, but you can go ahead and use the pattern piece shown above you just made. Just so’s you know why mine’s different in the pics.
What I did was trace around the neckline and arm holes, and then flipped it and marked where the other side was, and drew a swooping line from shoulder to opposite armpit, like shown. You may have to fool around with the angle, but it’s a pretty simple shape. I hope this is making sense! I then drew the sides, with sort of an a-line shape.
 That’s your front piece.
For your back piece, trace the sides of your front piece, armholes, and shoulders…
 Then your neckline like this: higher than the front piece obvs.
 So here’s your main pattern pieces!
 For the sleeves…trace and cut out your piece like so, this will allow for a bit of gathering and make it easier to fit into the arm hole.  Mark where the fold should be, too.
Now, cut out your pieces! Make sure when you’re cutting out the front pieces, that your fabric is wrong sides together (or right, just don’t cut them the same way)
Not shown: also cut one of your back piece, and two sleeves on the fold. tada!
Tomorrow: bias tape stuff!


  1. What a cute little shirt, and I love that you showed us how to do it with what we already have! The fabric you used it AWESOME!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I can’y wait to start mine!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this! It is going to be such a cute shirt! I hope I can get started on this today!! I love how you show how to make the pattern pieces too!

  4. Yay…here we go! So excited to start!

  5. This pattern seems way easier. I think I might be able to actually do this without messing it up. Haha. Hooray! I’m so excited to get started!

  6. Got the fabric ready! Working on the pattern now. The bias tape will be a challenge but I’m up for it. Thanks for doing this “Sew Along”!

  7. My pattern is all cut out! So far so good. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow.

  8. I love this shirt and am definitely going to sew-along. However, do you have any tips for making patterns? I have tried twice and can’t seem to get it right. You do most of your sewing for Sadie from her clothes and they fit her well, my patterns end up being too big or too small.

  9. Cathy-I guess my advice would be to practice, with some fabric you don’t care about, perhaps. :) That’s how I’ve learned to make patterns work for me. Also refering to clothing that fits, for sizing can help! Good luck!

  10. I’ve got my pattern cut out and my fabrics selected. Once the kids are in bed I’ll be cutting out and eagerly waiting for the next task!


  11. My fabric is cut out at the moment, waiting for day 2. The wrap looks great!!

  12. Bellissimo!!!
    Grazie :)

    Laboratorio delle Fate

  13. This will be my first attempt of sewing what do u mean by cutting on the bias. Sorry for being dumb

  14. SusanAnn Sheidy says:

    I have a Goodwill nearby I think I’ll run over and pick up a few shirts in several sizes. Thanks for your suggestion appreciate your time. Susie


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