grey polkie dots

 Yes, polkie dots. For some reason that’s what I call them in my head sometimes. Don’t ask why…you don’t want to try and get inside my head. Especially these days…

okaay…anyways…I have a new dress to show ya! It’s been awhile huh? I have some excuses reasons:

1. I didn’t want to make something, and then later realize it would be perfect for a Project Run and Play theme.

2. The Holidays were crazy busy…I’m sure you all can commiserate.

3. I’ve been sick. (the past week, so not much of an excuse)

4. Just a bit lazy.

But I did make these little grey and white number a few weeks ago-it was maybe gonna be for PR&P, but it didn’t make the cut-still a cute dress though!

I love the gathered waistband especially!

There’s a little ruching on the sleeves too, kinda like this dress.

(DO pretend not to notice the serged, non hemmed bottom)

She wanted to pose with this little rooster kitchen timer. I got it for her play kitchen and it looks adorable out there! Kind of random in this picture though.


  1. So cute! I’m just learning to sew, and my DD is 5. I’m hoping to learn in time to make dresses for her before she won’t let me! :)

  2. So cute! My 2 year old daughter calls them “poko-nuts”! I love it, and dread the day she says “polka dots”.

  3. Oh my goodness! That dress is adorable! The gathered waistband takes the cuteness over the top!

  4. OHHHH!! She’s so cute! 😀

  5. Perfect! I love it! The waist is beautiful and what a great idea to do the ruched sleeves. My daughter calls them “poke” dots.

  6. So cute!! I just love polkie dots! 😉 I especially love the ruching on the sleeves!

  7. I LOVE that dress! :)

  8. I love grey AND polka dots AND my chicken timer. Sadie, your mom posted all this stuff together just for me :)

    Great dress, Jess! Love the detailing.

  9. I love the ruched band too! It really adds something extra to an already incredibly cute dress!

  10. adorable!

  11. I love it! What a great idea, I adore those large-scale polka dots. I might have to add some ruching to my daughter’s dress I’m working on today.

  12. Super cute! I am totally wishing I had your skills in making clothes for my daughter. Half the time I try and they don’t work out. Gah! I think I need you to come sit in my sewing room and say, “Now do this. Good! Now do this…” Haha.

    Oh! And best of luck in the contest! :)

  13. OhI am just in love with this little dress! I have been thinking I needed to do something with gathers in the middle lately- this might poush me to do it!

  14. I love that dress! The dots are perfect and I love the ruched waistband. So cute!

  15. I love the gray. I seem to be moving from brown to gray these days… maybe it’s the season. The gathered waistband is such a clever idea. I really like this one, Jess!

  16. I just ADORE that fabric! It looks SO comfy and stylish! I want one in MY size!
    And I love the Rooster timer! My daughter has started posing all sorts of weird now. I guess that’s what I get for letting her watch America’s Next Top Model with me! 😉

  17. That is gorgeous! It’s my favorite of everything you’ve made.

  18. I love “polkie” dots, grey, that waistband, and the rooster picture. Awesome!

  19. PS what kind of closure did you use? Buttons, zipper, other?

  20. I love the waistband! Gorgeous dress! Do you have a tutorial for this? Or did you use a pattern?

  21. I love this… I think it would make a really cute shirt if you cropped it, also! Or made it a bit longer for her to wear with leggings. You are so talented!!

  22. very sweet.
    My niece calls polka-dots “poconuts” it is absolutely adorable when she asked for a pink dress with white poconuts.

  23. So. flippin. cute! Love the dress and the grey polka dots.

  24. She is precious, and so is the dress! Polka dots rock! :)

  25. Gorgeous! I love the polkie dots and the gathered band is lovely!

  26. cutest. dress. ever.
    on the
    cutest. kid. ever.

  27. Where did you find the gray polka dot fabric? I’ve been searching everywhere! I want to do a gray theme in my bedroom!

  28. I’d love for THIS to be the next sew-along! Adorable!

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