more gathered clutches and a pincushion

 Well, I told you I ordered more zippers (from my awesome sponsor Zip it!)….what was I supposed to do? Let them gather dust!?

Appalling! 😉

So I whipped up a few more gathered clutches, one for my sister in law-to be, and one for my sister. I love coming up with fabric combos-so this may end up being my go-to gift for gal pals.

 I lined them in the same fabric-easy cutting since I already had the teal out.

This one is my sister Janae’s-wild and vibrant just like her personality!

This one is Anna’s. I’m told she likes green, so I hope she likes it…and some cute teal fabric…who doesn’t love teal? 😀 

 Also, this isn’t a gathered clutch, I know…but I made another one of these wrist pincushions for my pal Cassy, who is a sewer too. She’s already told me she loves using it. It’s really soo handy!


  1. So cute! I have made a few zip clutches for my neices for Christmas, but I was wondering where you find your zippers. Its getting a bit expensive buying them one at a time. Any good websites to buy them? Thanks! babyfickas at gmail dot com

  2. My sponsor zipit, is where I got the zippers for these pouches! They are awesome and she has great prices! The button is up on the left sidebar. :)

  3. Very cute Jess, your fabric combo’s are always so fun! That is one of the things I like best about sewing is combining the fabrics! I think maybe I would be better at picking fabrics for someone who loves to sew but hates picking;)

  4. These are adorable! I got one from a friend and think the clutches are such a great gift. I love the colors you picked!!

  5. They look awesome Jess! That is one of my favorite patterns too! :)

  6. Very cute! I love that pincushion too 😉 I am just starting to sew. I can’t wait until I can actually sew a nice straight line that does not look all messy. LOL.

    Have a happy new year!

  7. so cute jess! i recognize some of those there fabrics. :) that makes me happy!

  8. Those are darling!!

  9. STUNNING I wish I could sew and create like you! :O i LOVE THE COMBINATIONS TOO especially the blue one 😀 Keep up the good work !

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