sadie shirts!

 I am so excited about this sew along and how it turned out…You guys made some pretty darn cute shirts! I am busy thinking about the next sew along-cause this was so fun! Maybe a dress next?…sorry to those of you with boys…everyone knows a little girl who needs wants a new dress, right?
So…here are all ya’lls cute Sadie shirts! Applause!


  1. I love them all! I tried making one with the gathered bottom bodice and cap sleeves but I had an emotional breakdown and ran back to knit fabrics when I reached the end and realized it was a size too tight. I had kept thinking the whole thing was gonna be too big and I took the seams in a little instead of acknowledging that maybe she grew. And since I used a serger… *sigh* Soooo I sewed a cute knit top instead to console myself.

  2. Woo hoo!! SO excited for the next one! Everyone’s turned out so cute! Thanks for doing that Jess!!

  3. SO many cute shirts! I really enjoyed participating, so I hope you do another one…and I just happen to know a two year old who is dying for a new dress! Too bad I’m out of the Nicey Jane fabric I used for the Sadie shirt – it would make a cute dress!

  4. They are each unique and darling. Well done everyone!

  5. Super super cute shirts. I really must finish the one I started. :) Although these ones are way cuter.

    Also, despite my abilities to actually commit and finish the shirt during the actual sew along, I’m excited for your next one! :)

  6. They really turned out well! I really toyed with following the sew-along, but decided that I need to focus on wintry things for now.

    Maybe I’ll give it a go in the future, though!

  7. They all look great! Good job everyone!

  8. These are all so fabulous! Love the fabrics. Maybe one day I’ll finish mine :)

  9. I had a blast… and I learned so much! Hope you do another one – SOON!

  10. I am so behind on getting mine done but just got some new fabric today (YAY!!!). I’ll have to take a pic of mine and send it to you when I can. If you do another sew along I’m SO in!!! :) And I’ve been blessed with a little boy and a little girl so either way it goes, one of the kids will be happy!

  11. Loved this sew-along. Every shirt is adorable. Love seeing the subtle differences between them. Thanks again, Jess!

  12. Yay! I finally finished mine and uploaded pictures! The fun shirts in this post were just the push I needed to get me going again. :)

    Thanks Jess!

  13. hey sadie

    write from a land far far away…ahh germany 😉
    i love love love your blog and must have a look every day-spend hours here to read and see all the cute picures from sadie and everything that you made (and normaly i am no stalker hehe)
    please keep going on like that

    hugs from germany soukeka

  14. i am so stupid-your name isn`t sadie i know that-sorry jess

    greets soukeka

  15. The shirts are adorable! LOVE the play costumes. I’m going to have to make some of those soon. Just thought I’d tell you that we’re building a play kitchen for my almost 2-year old daughter using your template. I’ll send pictures when (if) it gets done!! :)

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THEM!! I still haven’t finished mine due to a busy schedule.. I hope to finish it in 3 days… :) Awesome tutorial!

  17. Awww. :) I’m honored to be included even though I was late! Thanks Jess!

  18. They are all so cute! I really like the fabrics you chose, and the outcome is wonderful.

  19. I just wanted to say that I finally finished my Sadie shirt! I have no way of getting a picture up, but the tutorial was great and my daughter loves her new shirt. My shoulders came out a little too wide for her, but I’m pretty sure I can adjust for that in the next one.

  20. Okay, I finally finished mine!
    Took me long enough :)

    Thanks so much!

  21. I really love your awesome sew-along, and all those wonderful results!
    Thank you everybody for being so inspiring! :)
    I have just finished my version:

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