pardon the interruption…

…but I didn’t think you’d mind seeing this cute face! She’s four months old now! wow.


  1. ooh my goodness jess, she is soo adorable,her shirt is soo cute!!:)

  2. Oh my goodness she is a doll! :)

  3. Seriously cute! Feel free to interrupt anytime! :)

  4. She is so adorable!!!! Love the shirt too!

  5. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love that shirt & headband!!!!!!!!

  6. awww, she is so adorable! I love her outfit, too. I’m so excited to not be pregnant. I mean, to have my second baby girl. 😉 Both, no lie, ha.

  7. Ahhh! She is too cute for words. :)

  8. <3 forever!!!

  9. oh how cute is she!!! :)

  10. She is absolutely adorable! Those cheeks are to die for!

  11. Oh, she is just too cute! Almost makes me want another one…..almost!!

  12. That could make anyone want to smile. Thanks for the happiness today.

  13. She’s so so cute. :)

  14. K usually I just skim over the baby pictures in blogs (I’m 17, not really in that stage of life yet haha) but I had to comment on this one because she is SOO cute. Seriously what a little doll.

  15. ADOREABLE!!!!

  16. She is perfect……. God bless her and you and your family.

  17. omg she is adorable and that outfit is sooo cute!!! I want it!

  18. Awww, she’s so adorable. Now I want another little girl, NOT a boy, a girl!

  19. aww, thanks everybody!

  20. What a cutie pie!

  21. Oh goodness! She is ADORABLE!!!! What a sweetheart.

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