new duds

Here are some new tops I’ve made lately for the Sadester. One morning she was particularly agreeable and wanted to try all of the shirts on for me. Except she didn’t want to take pictures in them-just change in and out. So out came the chocolate chips. I’m shameless.
I LOOVE this one…I made it from a thrifted knit top in great shape-I loved the print, it reminded me of a Libery print. Yeah?
I added the ruffles using this tutorial.
I think it’s adorable on her!
This next one I wanted to try out an idea in my head-so I used a remnant I’ve had forever but never used. (probably cause it’s not THE cutest fabric)
I like it but am going to try it in another fabric!
I love the little ruffle placket detail thingy bob. Please ignore the wonkiness of the collar- I was down to the last scraps of my remnant and so couldn’t make it out of bias tape.
Some of you long time readers with EXCELLENT memories may remember this skirt. I made it LAST fall for Sadie…and it still fits! It’s getting a little short-but wow. Talk about your long lasting skirt!
Back to the shirt-it closes in back with a little button and elastic loop. It’s soo easy to add one of these.
And last but not least-a little button up mandarin collared shirt. (made from a remnant…SHOCKER) I used my own tutorial-it needs a little updating though.
This picture makes me laugh! Her hair looks so poofy!
I managed to scrounge up some matching buttons…
cute and functional.
So there ya go-some more additions to Sadie’s wardrobe. Will it ever end? Stay tuned to find out.
Oh who am I kidding?

It will never end.


  1. I love them all! And I think the fabric on the second top is perfect. Also, I love Sadie’s hair. I wish mine would do that carefree, side-swept thing. :)

  2. I love that I can just come to your blog when i’m feeling tapped out of ideas and then I see your stuff and i’m all ready to go again!

    Also, I really need a tutorial on that second top! I’d love to make one too!

  3. SO CUTE! I need to know how to sew better!!!!

    HEY also, LOVE the boo softies!

    What pattern did you use for the brown top? Not like I have a girl to make it for, but still I might have to find one.

  4. The second top is actually my favorite! I love the fabric used in combination with the style. So beautiful!!

  5. Very cute! My favorite is the second one, even with that fabric! Too cute!

  6. I love the tan and red top!!! It would look super cute with a cardi over it for the fall…if it gets chilly enough where you are.
    I wish people would bribe me with chocolate chips…

  7. Jess. Seriously. I mean, seriously. I LOVE these tops. Especially the second. And third. And first. Really, you have no idea. I really hope you’ll post (or repost) tutorials. Eek! :)

  8. Thanks everybody! Larissa-I made my own pattern for all of the tops. It’s easy! Maybe a tutorial for the brown top will have to be made!

    And Bethany-it WOULD look super cute with a cardigan! Thanks for the idea. 😀

  9. Those tops are adorable!! I agree, very Liberty Of London for the first. Makes me want to go thrifting.

    I’m determined to try one of these.

  10. I love these. They are very cute. I think that my favorite is the one with the ruffled placket, I actually love the fabric, and it looks great with her gorgeous hair.

  11. those are sooooooooo great!!!

  12. I love them! The first one has to be my favorite. Love the fabric, and LOVE the ruffles!! Adoreable!

  13. I love all of them, but the middle one is definitely my fave! So cute!

  14. Awesome!! Seriously just last night I was going over the mandarin tutorial getting ready to start it in the next day or so. And inspiration comes my way this morning!! And I vote yes on a tutorial for the brown shirt… 😀

  15. I love all of them! The top shirt print does remind me of a liberty print. (btw Target had their liberty curtains on clearance- 50% off! I think the panel measures about 54×84.) Love the placket detail and the colors/fit of the other shirt.

  16. I love the second one! The other day I did something similar with a fake placket, I used a cotton and I faked out a placket by doing two pintucks and topstitching them down. I was so proud of it. And then the rest of the dress crapped out and I threw it all away in a burst of hormonal fury. Yay pregnancy!
    Regarding the skirt, that’s the MAJOR advantage of girls vs boys. A good skirt can last a few years, even when everything else in thier closet jump several sizes! My daughter has a skirt that I made her when she was one and wearing size 12mos. The elastic waist and the fact that I accidently made it way too long plus simplicity patterns are a bit generous for kids i find means that now, when she’s wearing a size four (because she is a MONSTER. her daddy is 6’5″ so she’s excused.) she is FINALLY starting to outgrow the skirt!

  17. Super cute Jess, all of them! My favorite is the second one, SUCH a great idea, I love the ruffle with buttons etc…tutorial???

  18. Great job on the cute tops Jess and love the chocolate chip picture bribery system you have going!!! I really do like the second fabric it is cute for fall and the matching buttons on the third darling;)

  19. I love all the shirts!! … Just a little aside – I LOVE finding hairties that have doodads (hearts, flowers, whatever whatever shape…) on them that I can use for buttons – then I use the hairtie itself as the elastic cord to close it with. They always match so perfectly. 😀 And I typically have left over hairtie from it, and use that to match with OTHER *actual* buttons that I have. :)

  20. So, so cute! LOVE that second one. :)

  21. All of these shirts are so sweet, Jess. I especially like the last one. Sadie is so adorable. I need to make more clothes for my girls. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. would you like to be my children’s personal fashion designer??

    holy moly, these tops are SO SO cute! maybe someday i’ll try sewing one. hmm. maybe. until then, i’ll be really jealous of sadie’s stylin’ clothes!

  23. Never tired of seeing your little girl. So cute! Her outfits too

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