kids clothes week-pillowcase dresses

No, you’re not seeing double. 😉 And yes, I made the girls the exact. same. dress. I am aware of that. I just can’t help it. and I really love the ribbon bow on the shoulder! They’re just simple pillowcase dresses-I mostly used this tutorial-but my own hacked up pattern.

I love the fabric! I got it on sale-$4 a yard-and I made both dresses with one yard-so they were really inexpensive dresses! I had to buy ribbon-but didn’t use all of the spool.

I love Charlotte’s little mini sized dress!


  1. Super adorable!! I love those colors together! Nice job. :)

  2. I think the matching dresses are sweet!! There is nothing wrong with matching every once in a while!

  3. Very cute! I love these little dresses! I have made a few for my daughter and even some as gifts for other little girls! They are so fast and easy!


  4. Those are adorable pillowcases turned into adorable dresses!

  5. adorable….i love the matchy- matchy!!!

  6. These are way too precious. I love the fact that I have two girls and I can make them matching dresses for hoidays. My mother did it to my sister and I, too.

    Love the fabric, Jess. That chocolate brown ribbon is delicious!

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