belle dress

I did it. Just putting it out in the blogosphere made me feel accountable-so tada! I made a Belle dress for the Sadester. She loves it of course. I have a little beef with it. (or more specifically, the way I chose to make it)

First, the fabric. Joann’s was out of yellow knit, so I made do with cotton. Why did I not use satin or something? Don’t bother me with these silly questions, brain. I had two kids in tow and was trying to keep the hair pulling to a minimum. (my hair, not the kids) So I grabbed the closest yellow fabric. Ah well.

Sadie loves it. Repeat to myself, as needed.

The tutorial was great. I in all my non-wisdom, cut the panels a bit smaller (on accident. Well…more like 10 PM brain fart time), so I ended up having 12 panels instead of eight.
I used some off white lining fabric for the swags, which worked great! Cheap, too.
anyways! I really do like it, I just wish my brain had been working a bit faster. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, but I feel like thoughts are falling out of my head lately….gotta love that mommy fog. 😉
I just hope she doesn’t look like a ragamuffin waiting in line to see the princesses next to all the spiffily dressed girls. Although, my dress came in under $10…I don’t know if they could say that! 😉


  1. Looks great! I have been catching up on your blog since I found it about a week ago…and you have inspired me to learn how to sew! I <3 your felt food!! And I wish I could transform our ugly dora couch like you did...and your girls are sooo cute!! My 2 year old daughter would love all your stuff you've made!

  2. adorable. I bet even the “real” Belle at Disneyland will be jealous.

  3. I think it looks great! And hey, cotton is super washable and wearable, so she can wear it to her heart’s desire afterwards. Can the other girls dresses last as long for what they cost? I doubt it!

  4. So sweet, Jess! I like it in cotton. It looks comfortable. Sadie looks adorable!

  5. Super cute! I know my girls would love this! Great job!

  6. I almost made that dress for Lia for this trip. Actually I was contemplating adjusting the pattern for an Aurora dress. Anyway, Joann’s was out of a cute pink knit (what’s up with them being out of knit fabrics?) and I sort of gave up. Lia’s not quite into the whole dress up scene yet anyway, so I didn’t feel too bad about not doing it. Yours turned out so cute and I’m sure it’s much more comfy than if you had made it out of satin. I’m glad Sadie loves it, that’s what it’s all about anyway!

  7. It’s adorable, looks like alot of work!! I think cotton was a good choice!

  8. You are the bomb! omg, how talented you are…and a preciously cute kid! Elaine

  9. It looks adoreable!!

  10. I thought you did a great job! I love how fun and simple it is. You can’t beat under $10!

  11. I think she looks so adorable in it! You did an amazing job!!

  12. great job she looks like a princes

    I tagged you in a post if you like check it out

  13. great job she looks like a princes

    I tagged you in a post if you like check it out

  14. So cute, good for you getting it done even after the hair pulling!

  15. I agree with everyone else…the cotton is totally better. I always thought belle’s gown was a little too shiny–bright-gold-gaudy anyway! Much more tasteful color choice.

  16. It looks fantastic!

  17. Adorable!! My niece would love this!!

  18. It’s absolutely adorable!! I’m going to have to remember this…Samster is also finally into dress-up, I fall asleep thinking up dresses I want to make her! (you know, with all that free time on my hands…Ha!)

  19. love this jess. You are too good at making all these cute things!!! I think I’m not going to be able to talk Natalie out of being Cinderella for Halloween.

  20. the dress looks awesome!!! i can’t believe the prices of those things….so under $10 is awesome. as long as the sadester is happy in it that is all that matters anyways! 😉

  21. Wowza Jess, that was super fast! I love the result, and your addition at the waistline is perfect! I think this actually looks alot nicer than the knit one. That skirt is kind of heavy for knit and it doesn’t have the same poofiness. She’s gonna kick those other princesses out of the water :)

  22. Bargain.

  23. It’s going to be a LOT more comfy for her to wear, nicer in the heat, durable, and easier for you to wash! Hooray for cotton… I think it’s a great choice for kids’ stuff.

    It’s so cute!

  24. This dress is ADORABLE! Quite the sewer and craft woman, aren’t you? Found your blog while hunting down a storage solution for my daughter’s dress up stuff. LOVE the bin you guys made! Thanks so much for posting cause my hubs loves the idea of saving money and doing it ourselves!

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