tablecloths and oven mitts

I hit the remnant jackpot the other week at Joann’s! I found a ton of cute prints (usually those are rare), and bonus-the bin was 50% off. YAHOOOOOO! (Yes, I get that excited about fabric) One of my finds was this awesome fruit print-a whole yard for about $3. Niiice. I decided that Sadie’s table needed a tablecloth. It’s really taken me this long to make one! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fabric.
And of course, she needed a new matching oven mitt and hot pad! Her old ones were starting to fall apart. (not from MY sewing, heaven forbid) They were really easy, just quilted some fabric and batting, and trimmed it out in twill tape (which is Soo not a good idea on the hot pad…it’s not bias tape!) so don’t look too close. Anyways, I have about a fat quarter left of the fabric…what to do with it?


  1. jess!!! those fabrics are so cute! and the colors are just super awesome. I wish we had a joann’s closer to where I live. I can’t wait to make some kitchen stuff for my girls (gotta move that up my priority list!!!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that fabric!! I’ve never seen that at my local Joann’s! Psht! Utah Joann’s needs to step it up!!
    With the last fat quarter, you could frame a bit of it for her kitchen. Or make little coasters! Or mini napkins! Or use it as part of a apron (like a front pocket for it or something!) OR keep it just to drool over!! haha! SO what I would do.

  3. Sounds like you need to make a little apron!

  4. Wow! I REALLY REALLY love that fabric! And the oven mitt and everything look so cute! I wish I had adult sized ones for me out of that fabric!

  5. I totally saw that exact same fabric at my Joanns! Only it wasn’t on sale at our store :(, or I would have bought some! Love what you made with it!

  6. That mini oven mitt is too cute! That fabric is perfect as a table cloth too.

  7. That fabric is perfect! I love the set you made (and the great price)!

  8. Man-Sadie’s play accessories are nicer than my real ones. Quite sad on my part. I love the fabric.

  9. Those are the cutest little things ever! Maybe some matching cloth napkins!?

  10. make her a little apron

  11. So cute!!! Napkins! Definitely use the extra to make little napkins. You could do napkin holders too. Sienna loved helping me put our napkins in the holders.

    Uh oh I think you just sparked my project for next week!! Thanks!

  12. Yup, definitely an apron. That little set is so stinkin adorable!

  13. So completely SUPER cute. I would have been wanting to dance in the isles if I had found that cute fabric in the 50% off section too. Happiness to that find. And look at what you did with it…fabulous!

  14. Love the fabric and kitchen stuff–so cute!

  15. Darling! That fabric is awesome!

  16. Oh how cute-I want that fabric for MY kitchen table! lol. I’ll have to go to Joann’s and see what I can find.

  17. Love the fabric!! So cute!! Wish I had a JoAnn’s close by!!

  18. That fabric is AWESOME!! I will definitely be looking to see if my Joann’s has any!And how stinkin’ adorable is your tablecloth, oven mitt and hot pad. You are crazy good girl! :)

  19. I agree with everyone here… fabric is so cute I’m oohing and aahing out loud to myself. And, is a quarter of a yard enough for an apron?

  20. Such yummy fabric Jess! And all the more yummy because of the price! Sadie will be cooking up a storm. Hope all is lovely with you :)

  21. Ditto to above about that fabric!! So stinking cute for the kitchen. Even cuter for a play kitchen!

  22. matching apron or hand towel? such cute fabric! i need me a trip to joanns!

  23. Adorable!!
    I think she might need some napkins or placemats to match….or even a little curtain or towel. There are so many cute options!!

  24. Love the fabric and the projects! I was thinking of doing something like that for my niece! I’d make a second oven mitt with the fat quarter!

  25. LOVE it. So lucky to find that really cute fabric in the remnant section. I can never find cute fabric!

  26. These are adorable! And–haha–at first I thought this was for your real kitchen table… until I realized the fruit was wooden play food. :) So fun!

  27. I’m having total fabric envy! I never find anything that cute at my Joanns! Love what you did with it too!

  28. Awesome! Did you see the batting to the fabric for the tablecloth too? I want to make a play tablecloth but don’t want it sliding everywhere! Thanks!

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