practice makes ruffles

Here is the first attempt at Sadie’s flower girl dress. Using a thrifted sheet…it needs some work, and I made the bodice a bit too big, but it’s still a wearable dress.


the bottom is crooked a teensy bit….
So what better to do than skip and spin to hide it?
Sorry about our hideous play room walls. We’re workin’ on it. (well, not really Right Now….but sometime….in the next decade.)


  1. She look lovely as always. I’m sure you’ll work out any kinks in time for the big day. x.

  2. I love it- can’t belive you got one done so fast!

  3. Adorable! And YES, still wearable! I hope you add, ‘write a flower girl dress tutorial’ to your long list of things to do. Good job!


  4. I think that is so smart to do a trial run that way you can work out any parts you are not happy with. I love the sheet you used and what a fun summer dress to boot!

  5. So cute! I’m excited to see the final!!

  6. Looking good! :) Will you unsew the dress and use it as a pattern for the real one? Did you ruffle by hand or use a ruffler foot? BTW my parents have that set of bedsheets. :)

  7. That is just the prettiest little dress – I would have never guessed it was made from old bedsheets.

  8. Omg! I had those sheets as a kid! Loved them!

  9. that’s adorable!

  10. I think we had those sheets too. haha! Love the trial, can’t wait for the real one!

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