a cool little pouch

 hmmm, what have we here? A little unassuming bag…(made of cute fabric though) 
let’s see what’s inside, shall we?
A Viewmaster! Now, I know some of you had these as kids or play with them now.

A lovely padded (and lined) bag for the Sadester’s favorite car toy.
 But, what’s this? A handy little pocket for all her slides!? 
What insanely smart momma thought of that?
har har…Sorry for the dorkiness. I am really excited about this project though! If you can’t tell. Sadie had $10 from one of her great grandmas for her birthday, 
so she I spent it on some new slides. So, when Rory suggested a little case for the slides, I went one further and made this little pouch for the whole gang! 
If there’s enough interest I may turn this into a pattern/tutorial-but then again, I don’t know how many people would think this is cool. 
It may just be me. (and Rory)
Anyways, what do you think?


  1. Way cute idea!!

  2. That’s so adorable!!
    I’m one of those people who sometimes pull out the old box of slides and look through the Cinderellas and Snow Whites. Purely for nostalgic purposes (ahem).

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    My kids each have a view-master! they would so love a pouch for them and the slides!!!!

  4. That’s so cool! Where did you find that cute viewmaster? The only ones I’ve seen are the red variety.

  5. Blaze has that same viewmaster and i think it would be great to be able to keep them all together. I love it.

  6. So fun. Cute fabric, too.

  7. I love it and would love to see a tutorial, although I’m bummed I don’t have a viewmaster to put in it for my daughter!

  8. Very cute! I love little cases and bags for keeping things together. :o)

  9. What a great idea! I would love to see a tutorial!!

  10. I would love a tutorial for this. We have two of these thatbfloat around our house.

  11. Great idea! I’d love to see a tute. I am sooo in love with things that keep all the peices to a toy together in one place!

  12. Awesome! Love the fabric choice. :) I didn’t know they still made viewmasters!

  13. I’d love a tutorial! I can think of tons of little items to put in there!

  14. So cool! A tutorial would be great. I may have to get a Viewmaster for my kiddo. Would have never thought of it.

  15. Love it! That Fabric is very cute too!

  16. love the bag!…super cute!!! we have the old style view master and my daughter loves it. need to look for some new slides…she isn’t really familiar with the ones we have….too old! thanks for the inspiration to look for some!

  17. Would love a tutorial since this could work for many things… LOVE your blog and ideas and I love me some tutorials.

  18. This is a really great idea, and its cute too! I love the idea of a ViewMaster as a car toy, I’ll have to keep it in mind, and so much easier to deal with than a DVD player or something similar — no batteries.

    So, yeah, I’d love a tutorial!

  19. Would love a tutorial on this cute little bag. I was in Walmart last night and wanted to get my cutie, Lauren, a Viewmaster and couldn’t find one. I asked the girl working in the toy department were I could find the Viewmasters and she said “view whats?” I felt 1,000 years old! I described it to her and she said “oh yeah, I think I know what you mean but we don’t have any”. Oh well, next stop…Target!

  20. Yes please for the tutorial! Very cute, I hate those slides being all over the floor!

  21. it’s terrific! Would love the tutorial!

  22. I loved my viewfinder when I was a kid… I had “E.T” slides but was scared of him!
    I bought one for my kids as soon as they came back out.
    The pouch is a great idea, my kids slides always end up lost and dog-eared.

  23. Cute and useful, what could be better! You should know your followers by now YES we LOVE tutorials. I personally can’t get enough. Let me just say I love logging on and anticipating what wonderful ideas you have come up with, or even the pictures of your lovely girls.

  24. Oh no, you’re not the only one who loves Viewmasters and thinks a pouch for them is awesome. Love it!

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