another matching outfit

I first made these outfits with an updated family picture in mind-but they ended up being too matchy matchy, and didn’t quite work with Rory and I’s outfits. oh well! still cute. I’ll post the other set I made when we get some pictures taken-hopefully by my cousin while we’re in Utah!

This little dress is for Charlotte-made using Smile and Wave’s super easy tutorial.
I say super easy because I ended up making 3. yes, 3. the second didn’t QUITE pan out. I learned my lesson and the third one came out adorable!

This top is for the Sadester-I love it! I made it with Simplicity pattern 3511-also a very easy top, one of the first I ever made!

Her top goes with this skirt-with a cute little drawstring detail. I took pictures for a mini tutorial if anyone’s interested. :)


  1. Would love a tutorial.

    WAY cute top. I might just have to make one for my one and only niece.

  2. Love the skirt. So yes I’d love a tutorial.

  3. ADORE the skirt!! Such cute outfits!!

  4. Me! I’m interested. These are so cute, I would really love to try these for my girls!

  5. I think that would be a fun tutorial. The shirts and skirt are adorable!

  6. tutorial please! I want I want!

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