My (small) haul from this morning’s thrift store 50% off sale. I did find some fun pillowcases and a few books, including another Disney book. (I love those!)

That wooden thing I got for Sadie’s kitchen…I’m thinking I may try and make it her spice rack? Anyways…for $8, not too bad.

In other news, our family has all been dealing with a cold this week, yuck! Hopefully we’re at the tail end of it now, cause being sick AND sleep-deprived is not the most fun.

However, I DID get a fun new phone yesterday with internet on it! Now I can check for comments anytime of day! (yes, I’m a bit obsessive)

Have a Happy Fourth of July for those of you in the US, and a great weekend for those not! 😀


  1. I love the red flower pillow case! It’d but such a cute little dress. I love thrift store 50% off days :)

  2. The pillowcases are awesome. I ran across a cute tutorial to make a nightgown from a pillowcase you should check out.

    Hope everyone gets well soon.

  3. I agree, loving the red “poppy” pillowcase, but I think the watercolor-ish one on the end might have wonderful potential too. I think we would love to see more of the fabric detail so we can lust after your finds!!

  4. yummy pillowcases

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