i’m a bit obsessive…

…when it comes to sewing these dolly clothes. I just couldn’t help myself! They are soo easy and quick to sew up. Plus, it’s a great way to use up my random scraps and fat quarters! I found this awesome pattern (printable on the bottom of the post), and went to town!

Some skirts, denim shorts, shirts…

…and dresses galore! I cannot get enough of the mini version I made of the Ice Cream Social Dress. Agh! too cute! My eyes! Here are my favs on her dolly:

agh! love it. and finally able to use this awesome fabric!

I adjusted the bodice piece from the pattern and made a shirt out of it, with a few fabric flowers stitched to the top. I love this top because it goes with other shorts and skirts. A dolly’s gotta have options!

I love the simplicity of this one, and the little band of white (twill tape)

I heart the pieced look of this little sundress, and I was finally able to use up some teeny tiny scraps from this quilt. (which, hasn’t gotten finished, btw…someday)

The best part of all this craziness? Sadie really loves the clothes! She’s been having the best time dressing them up. (well, making me do it…which I really don’t mind, haha) This is the most excited she’s gotten about something I’ve made her, which of course, makes me want to make a gajillion dolly clothes. Good thing I have a lot of scraps!

P.S. I’m pretty sure this doll dresses WAY better than I do. Just sayin...


  1. So cute!! Makes me want to go sew some up for Kadie’s dolls!

  2. These are so pretty and fun! Sadie’s little doll definitely dresses better than I do. :)

  3. VERY CUTE! Thanks for links… i just had a friend ask this weekend ask about doll clothes for a cabage patch kid… do you think these would fit?? Mabye if i increase the pattern on a copier?? Thanks again!!!

  4. you are totally obsessive :), but they’re really cute!

  5. Well your obession gives me inspiration! Does that help? And that doll definitely dresses better than I do. Too cute!! :)

  6. i wish my dolls had clothes this cool when i was little, or i had clothes this cool now :)

  7. SERIOUSLY so stinkin’ cute. Who could I sew these for???? Really the best thing ever! I need to gift this to someone….

    LOVE it.

    • I would love some help making this cute clothes I have 3 girls and they have dolls of all sizes I can’t keep up, and i don’t sew that good yet. PLEASE HELP US

  8. Oh my goodness! Those clothes are Adorable! I need to make my daughter some new doll clothes but I’ve always been scared. Looking at your ideas helps me to get over that fear. Thanks!

  9. Wow!!!! I am inspired!! Back to the sewing machine for me!! I hate to enable one’s obsession….but…Have you seen this one.


    Thanks again for the shout outs!

  10. ok, these are seriously the cutest ever. love every single one! but you need to open an etsy store and sell them, because seriously i can’t sew like that:-)

  11. They are brilliant!! You should put them in your shop!!! Sooooo cute! Hope all is well with you and your two little lovelies :)

  12. This are all so cute!!!! I’m a new follower, found you at blueberry moon…


  13. The saddest thing about this, is that your child’s dolls have a better wardrobe than I do…you think I’m kidding. I’m not :)

    SO cute…I love them ALL!!

    And you SHOULD put some of these in your shop!!

  14. Can you be my mommy?! I just want to play with dolls now and have a bajillion clothes for them. How fun!! Super cute! Time to rid my sewing machine of 10+ years of dust and get crackin!

  15. Thanks everyone! I may have some doll clothes in the etsy store, depending on my available time, of course! Will let you know here first, of course!

    Jess 😀

  16. That Dollie is a perfect model for you! 😉

  17. do you have a pattern for the shirt you made – the striped with the white straps and tan shorts, and the and your 2 blue dresses – with ruffel straps and the one that ties behind the neck – i am a beginner and have followed the blurberry moon project but i am not good at changing stuff? thanks

  18. Hi I’m just wondering..does this pattern work for 15 inch baby doll? I printed out the pattern but it just looks really small, maybe its just me?

  19. This is crazy random, but do you happen to know the name of that doll? She is so sweet and perfect for handmade doll clothes! (And def using these patterns) thanks!

  20. How tall is the doll in these pictures?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Not sure, we don’t have this one anymore, but it’s a basic doll-probably the same size as most of the baby dolls out there :)

  21. Pam Frederick says:

    Love your doll clothes. Do you happen to know if these will fit the American Girl Bitty Baby Twins?
    Our granddaughter got the twins for her birthday but, she doesn’t live nearby and I cannot measure. Thanks, Pam


  22. Delores Catanzano says:

    It said there was a free pattern. Where is it?

    • the link is in the post, it is on another blog.

      • yeah, I clicked on every one of the “light blue” words that should take you to the pattern, only the blog does not open, gives an error….. (sigh) was soo excited to finally find patterns for my grand-daughter’s little doll……another disappointment…..

  23. Enjoy the obsession while you can!
    It one of the real joys of motherhood which ends all TOO soon! :o)

  24. I want to make my daughter some doll dresses for her birthday and these are the cutest clothes I have seen! Are these patterns for a 12″ doll? I clicked on the link to the first pattern but there is no mention of size there. Thanks. Beautiful work!

  25. Debbie Schultz says:

    What kind of doll is she? I would love to buy some for my granddaughters!

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