sweatshirt spruce-up

Take one clearance sweatshirt ($2)….

add one pile of fabric strips….

gather them and sew down….

and what do you get?
a much cuter sweatshirt! (I hope so at least, I’m not sure it doesn’t need something else…a flower or something…)


  1. I think it is cute but I might have left the smile because i think it is cute and put the gathered fabric around the pockets to accent and maybe the hood too. Just my opinion though. It is still super cute though!!

  2. Cute. A flower is needed. Pink?? : )

  3. I love it! I don’t go in for the “smile” stuff myself, and love what you did with it. I will definitely be on the lookout for a hoodie to do this with…

  4. Cute! I liked the smile so I thought you were going to put the fabric strips around the trim or something but it still looks good!

  5. super cute. i bought the same sweatshirt for my daughter not too long ago…i’ll have to experiment with it. great idea!

  6. Love!! I’ll be trying this!!!

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