post partum shirt refashion(s)

Here’s to hoping I’ll be wearing normal clothes within a month! (or monthS) My wishful thinking side took over as I passed these clearance shirts at Target. ($3.50 each!) All during this pregnancy I’ve seen the cutest shirt makeovers and longed for the day when I could make stuff for me again. I mean, there are maternity tutorials out there, but it’s not the most flattering time of your life, so I guess I wimped out and didn’t try any.

Anyways, here are some I did yesterday during Sadie’s “nap”. (cry session in her bed…she won’t nap! what to do!? She’s always been a GREAT napper so I’m stumped.)

For this top I used Disney’s tutorial, found here. I’m deciding on whether or not to add buttons. Going to look at Joann’s, cause, I’d like them to match. Neurotic.

And for this black top, I used Sutton Grace’s tutorial, found here. I did make my ruffle only 2 inches wide though.

I’d love to model these for you, but I fear that I would burst out of them and ruin all my hard work. So you’ll have to settle for these pics.


P.S. I have a fun little giveaway planned for when I reach 500 followers! Some fabric and fun stuff…so tell your friends! Or follow me if you don’t! Or, wait around for someone else to do it. Only five people needed, folks!

Post Edit: Yay! Giveaway tomorrow!


  1. I love the shirts, but what I really think is so interesting is Sadie not taking a nap.

    Sienna started doing the exact same thing right before and for a little while after Jonah was born!! She was a marathon napper and about a month before he was born it was like she sensed the commotion of pending change or something and just REFUSED! I thought my life was over, but a few weeks after our little guy was born and things settled down she started going down for naps with no problems again. Now that we’re in a routine with both kids she sometimes naps longer than he does for their afternoon nap again :)

    SOooo, keep insisting even if it’s a cry fest and hang in there!!! She’s be in for a little emotional roller coaster all around (good and bad), but she’ll be back in the saddle again :)

  2. She’ll! Not she’s… gosh, maybe they don’t nap enough after all if I can’t even type straight!

  3. I think I’ll have to make a target run…

  4. These are so pretty!

    Hopefully Sadie decides to sleep again soon. Maybe she’s anticipating change or is reaching another milestone.

  5. Fun! It must be great to be able to wear cute things again, although I bet you could make a maternity ruffle tee, too, if you felt like putting the effort into it for just a few months of wear!
    I looove doing ruffle tee refasions.

  6. Yup, definitely add the buttons down the front. Totally makes the shirt!

  7. Wonderful shirt refashions! I have the blue shirt, lol. Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to try refashioning some of my own clothes!

    My youngest was a great napper and then started doing that at around age 2. I agree with Jessica. Just keep with it even if she fights, that’s what worked with us even though she’s the younger one. I remember it also helped to do a mini bedtime like routine with her before her nap to help her get ready for it (and hopefully want to nap!) because she still needed them, she just wanted to stay up and play with her big sis. I kept our routine simple just a few stories and some snuggle time. HTH!

  8. Both of your shirts look great! Makes me itch to do more t-shirt refashions, it’s been a while!

  9. Both of your shirts look great! Makes me itch to do more t-shirt refashions, it’s been a while!

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