liberty dress

I spotted some Liberty of London scarves at Target on clearance for $3.74 the other day-er-week, now, and grabbed a couple. They’re huge scarves, and look like they’re about a yard of fabric each, sah-weet! This little dress only used up half of one scarf.
Just a quick peasant dress, with elastified (that’s a word) waistband…love it!
also love this little model-in-the-making. What a cute lil poser!
I made a little clippy to match, but you can barely see it in the picture above. oh well! I also made this dress longer than normal, cause apparently Sadie’s been having a growth spurt! She’s grown out of about 6 of her dresses! So, of course, that’s as good an excuse as any to make a new dress. ;D


  1. Darn it! Now I am gonna have to go to Target!

  2. Love the gathered sleeves.

  3. wow! I wonder if my target still has them…I wanted that scarf so bad, but wasn’t willing to pay full price. I think I will be going to target today!

  4. It’s beautiful! I cannot wait to get home and use some of your tutorials. I just had our second daughter in April (she wasn’t due until July) and when she’s home and well, I am absolutely sewing some matching dresses!

  5. OOOHH! I hope my Target has some of these. I’ve got some many dress patterns I want to try out. Thanks for sharing! Such a pretty dress and a sweet model to boot.

  6. I had no idea that can be done! Wow! I will definitely be looking at clearance items differently!

  7. what the…don’t you have a newborn?!!!! All this sewing…do you sleep? Ever? I want more updates on the little chubby one, more pictures please!
    And this dress, SOOO cute, and Sadie is a doll!

  8. lol I made this last week, before baby came! I have done some sewing since she came, but at a much slower pace!

  9. This dress is adorable!!! Really amazing!

  10. Darling! I’ve been eyeing the scarves at Target too for the last month and couldn’t bring myself to pay ten dollars for one. They never seem to make it past 30% off at my Target. Anyway, do you have any “elasticized” waistband tips (in your spare time- no rush!)? My husband says the dresses I’ve made my little girl look like muu muus (ha).

  11. I was just going to say that you should be resting and recovering! Sadie is super cute. love love the dress.

  12. I love looking at all your great ideas! You are such an inspiration! I look forward to much more!

  13. Wow I would have never thought to get fabric from a scarf. Brilliant!

  14. adorable!…who would have ever guessed it started as a scarf. and i was just in target today, now i’ll have to go back!

  15. I love it, and the belt is so perfect! Another great one…

  16. Those Liberty scarves would make a sweet Mama top! I just adjusted my “sac dress” pattern to make a swingy top for myself. Good for hiding the post-partum tummy!

  17. That dress is adorable! I’ll have to keep my eye out the next time I’m at Target!

  18. I found these scarves and bought every one they had on sale too! Now to find projects for them, I have an idea for one, a ruffle top for my daughter leaving on the fringe trim, can’t wait to find other uses! Such cute fabric!

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