cinderella dress

sooo….I’ve been wanting to make Sadie a Cinderella dress-up dress for the longest time, but my first attempt was pretty pathetic, so I scrapped that one and tried again! I got some bridal satin and blue fabric in the remnant bin at Joann’s, so this dress cost about $5 to make. nice, right? 😀

I ended up drafting my own pattern for this dress. I was surprised to find it wasn’t that hard…and all the pieces actually went together! yesss! I had to add a little strip to the bottom of the bodice to make it a bit longer, but I think it looks fine.

It’s not perfect, but is a play dress, so eh!

Cinderella leaving the ball on her trusty steed!

What do you think?


  1. So cute!!! I need to make some for Kadie. Hers are all way too small!

  2. LOVE it! I made one for my daughter, Savannah, who’s three for halloween last year. It was all Satin…NEVER Again!! Maybe I’ll just make her one like this…less fancy but still beautiful :)

  3. So sweet, Jess. Great job on the drafting. I’m sure Sadie will love it for a long while…and then Charlotte will too.

  4. Darling!

  5. Oh she looks so cute! I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, you make such cute things, including Sadie and Charlotte!!! :)

  6. It’s adorable! :)

  7. It’s great! Your daughter looks so adorable in it. Good job drafting your own pattern! :)

  8. Adorable!!

  9. So sweet.
    Must be a disney vibe going round blogosphere. Crafterhours had a Snow white one just the other day.

  10. So sweet.
    Must be a disney vibe going round blogosphere. Crafterhours had a Snow white one just the other day.

  11. Totally adorable, and will not go up in flames near heat like a certain one i purchased recently!

  12. I wasn’t gutsy enough to try making my niece one for her birthday…. yours turned out wonderfully!!!!

  13. Very cute! I bought the pattern and made one for my oldest daughter for Halloween when she was 2 (I justififed the purchase because there were patterns for 3 others on there, 2 of which I have made since).
    I used silver, shimmery sheers for the sleeves and puffy waist thing (I forget the stupid name they have for it) and I put cotton eyelet scalloped lace-ish stuff on the bottom, sticking out from under then hem- it really makes the dress!
    Now my 2yo daughter is into “Lella”- I will have to dig it out of the dress-up box for her today! :)

  14. Very cute Jess!

  15. So cute! And your little girl looks adorable in it!!

  16. Ahh, that’s cute!

  17. OK, so I know this post is pretty old, but I have to ask if there’s any chance you’ll be posting a tutorial of how to make a Cinderella dress? Yours turned out so cute, and I’ve been looking all over blogland (to no avail) for a cinderella-ish dress tutorial to help me transform my little one into the princess this Halloween. If not a tut, some helpful hints, at least? Thanks! By the way, I found your blog tonight from your guest post on UCreate, and I love it!

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