book o’ patterns

You may remember the soft color book I made Sadie for Christmas last year? That was one of my favorite projects to do! Sadie is just now enjoying it though. Over the past few months she’s gotten the hang of her colors, so she loves looking at it and shouting out the names. (and I mean SHOUTING. That girl loves her yellow.)

The other day I got an idea to make another one, but this time with patterns.

Problem: I could only think of stripes, polka dots, florals, and plaids. hmm…

so…florals, stripes…
polka dots….animals! (I know it’s not really a pattern…but I was just happy that I found enough animal fabric scraps!)

and plaids…and fruit! It was going to be a “food” page, but I only had fruit fabric… Anyways, Sadie likes it and I had fun making it. Except for the contractions I was having while sewing it together. (they stopped right after, darn) I used the same tutorial for this one-so easy!

So what do you think? Does fruit/animals count as a fabric “pattern”? lol.


  1. Oh, that’s so cute!!! I bet she loves that one as well!!
    Get those contractions going girl!! Go jogging!! 😀 jk

  2. It sooooo counts as a pattern. lol. I love this and am going to make one with colors for my daughter, she tells me every color is green right now…..hmmmmmm. And I wanted to tell you that I loved the ice cream social idea for sadies b-day so much that I used it as well, just with a twist. Hope thats ok? It was a huge hit, except by the time we got to the cake no one ate any and I made it! Oh well. Love the blog.

  3. Totally counts. And super cute book. Perhaps I’ll be making one for the big O when she gets a little bigger. :)

  4. You’re having contractions?! LUCKY!!! I wish I was! SUPER cute book! I have a list of soft books I want to make! LOVE it!!!

  5. so cute Jess! You are still insane, don’t know how you get it all done. yay for contractions. :)

  6. I love this book! If you want those as patterns then you should have them as patterns. It’s your book and what you say goes. I will have to try to make one as well.

  7. I LOVE this! What a great idea. Your blog is amazing!

  8. Very cute book Jess, I am sure Sadie will love the added features of animals and fruit;0)

  9. So cute! Definitely love the animal and fruit patterns. I think kids see patterns in everything.

    I wish I had the time/energy/skills to make on like this for my little guy.

  10. so pretty!
    great idea!
    every thing you make is beautiful!

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