another ruffly dress!

sheesh, Jess. Stop it with the elasticy ruffly dresses, you’re saying. No way, I’m saying. They’re too fun!

I did it a little differently than my previous ruffle dresses, following this tutorial for the straps and flower-poof-accessory-thingy, which I love! (that IS the official name, I believe)

So simple. Forgive the wrinkles, I photographed this after a wear, and it’s a linen blend, so…wrinkles happen.

love the print!

AND! I made matching bloomers! or diaper covers.

BLOOMERS are more fun to say though.

I used Prudent Baby’s tutorial, found here. so easy. Man, I love that site! I made another white pair so Sadie has some to match with her other dresses. Hooray!

here’s a pic of Ms. Cranky Pants modeling. It’s the best I got. She may look like she’s happy, but really she was chewing me out for daring to take a picture of her. The audacity!


  1. I love that fabric, I could see me wearing a skirt made out of it!

  2. Love! Love! Great fabric! Bloomers are so adorable :)

  3. So fun! I love the matching bloomers (and love calling them bloomers). It’s awesome when they look happy in a picture even though they’re “mad.”

  4. Thanks for listing the diaper cover tutorial. I’m on my way to go pick up some elastic! We are in desperate need of some of these!

  5. ummmm….I really want a girl now! I’m going to tell Josh tonight…
    oh wait, T.M.I????

  6. I’ve been wanting to try that tutorial. Your dress turned out great! Love the fabric.

  7. super cute! this is going on my “to make someday” list! love that fabric…you know where it came from?

    thanks! :)

  8. Very cute!

  9. It looks so great! Better than mine!

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