sorry, girls…

…momma couldn’t help it! Please forgive her. She means well.

P.S. I’m kinda in love with these dresses…would it be too much to make one for me too?

(just kidding….but only slightly)


  1. I could see a halter top for the momma. LOL (or a dress)
    And a tie for Rory (don’t wanna leave him out).
    Great job on these!

  2. So cute! You could totally make yourself a top along the same lines.

  3. You should make the same style and wear as a shirt not dress. Holy cute! I want another girl!

  4. Love those!!! I’d love a top/dress like that for myself.

  5. so cute, they’ll look way to precious in them. :)

  6. I LOVE it!!! I’m a sucker for matching myself, so probably not the one to ask….

  7. Yes it would be too much. haha! jk! Well…not really :) So cute though!

  8. Those are fantastic! Go for the matching top!

  9. Love it! Great colors. :)

  10. You know, my mom dressed my sister (who is 2 years older and people always were mistaking us for twins) and me in matching outfits sometimes, and we never minded one bit! Maybe your girls won’t mind either especially since you’ll be starting it when they’re young!! So cute!!

  11. They are lovely! Such beautiful colour combinations. maybe a little top for Mumma :)

  12. super cute with a classic feel. I would go with a matching skirt and a crisp white shirt on top .. perfect ! Matching is never to much. It let’s people identify you as a group or family. It also would come in handy if you had one child stray… the last thing you can remember during a time like that is what your child was wearing.. but if you have the matching pair along side you Bingo!
    This matching thing works well at amusment parks and zoo’s again you are seen as a group… LOve it.

  13. I agree, make a skirt! Match away until they ask you not too. Then please stop. My girls love matching right now, they beg for it; but, I remember hating wearing something that matched my sister. Silly.

  14. So Cute! I love reading your blog :) The dresses you make are adorable. I agree with the others, and cute skirt of top for you could be adorable. I love the colors you chose. Sadie is such a cutie!

  15. Love these matching dresses…so cute!

  16. adorable!!! i think you should definitely make one for you too!

  17. These dresses are great! Love the colors and simplicity of the solids!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I so enjoy “meeting” new people in the blogoshpere :).

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