a little early.

This outfit I made Sadie to wear for the Fourth of July (assuming I won’t be in labor or something, in which case, Mom, this is what Sadie should wear if we’re in the hospital), might be a little early, but as you may know, I am trying my hardest to as much done before this baby comes. Such as party planning, outfit-making, etc…you know, she can wear this for Memorial Day too! I just thought of that! yess.

Plus, this outfit took like 30 minutes…tops. It was a refashion…see the (very interesting) before below.

no, even below-er.

This is a close up, duh. Isn’t the star cute? i love the ruffle. I appliqued some blue fabric in a star shape on the tee, and then sewed strips of the leftover fabric into ruffles outlining the star.

kind of like so…just fold over and under as you sew along the edge. easy peasy!

ok, HERE is the (very interesting) before. Ok, so it’s not that bad (no, it is)…especially those weird arrows. what is up with those? huh. I inherited this from my mom who inherited it from someone else, hopefully not someone who reads my blog. (doubtful) Anyways, much improved, right?


  1. It’s never too early!
    Yeah, that before was slightly horrendous. Apparently whoever made that was expecting the “wearer” to attend a lot of ho-downs!! Very attractive…But what you did was ADOREABLE! Love it!

  2. what a makeover!!! NICE JOB….My mom was the one who gave that outfit to your mom, by the way.

  3. that is a great refashion!!! love it!

  4. I love being prepared! I already have the girls halloween costumes ready, and 4th of july dresses as well!
    The refashion is great, what funny arrows… much better as a skirt!

  5. Great job with that weird dress! Such a cute 4th of July outfit :)
    Sadie reminds me so much of my daughter Avery, who is just a little younger then Sadie.

  6. I really love this! I don’t think the original was too bad, but I like the makeover even better (and it’s more versatile). I love the ruffle star – I might have to copy that, so thanks for the explanation of how you did it!

  7. Looks great! MUCH improved!

    Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com

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