kids clothes week

Like I need another excuse to sew clothes for Sadie, but the Elsie Marley blog is having a kids clothes week challenge, where she challenges you to sew clothing for your kids for one hour each day the second week of May. (starting today!) There’s no prize, just a fun opportunity to put aside time to sew for your kids. I can’t wait and my mind is bubbling with ideas of designs I want to try! I’ll probably be posting a lot of clothes this week (there’s something new!), so stick around to see what new clothes Sadie procures from this week! (and maybe something for baby!?)

Here’s something I made the other week, so it doesn’t count for the challenge…a version of the pretty. easy. sundress, just a slightly different bodice than the one I did in the tutorial. I love this fabric, it’s been waiting to be made into a dress for like 1 1/2 years. No joke, sad stuff when you make fabric wait that long. Another bow…told you I was addicted. It also has a little sash that ties in a bow in the back, but didn’t get a pic of that. Sorry about the crudtastic photo. (that’s a word!) 😉


  1. very cute dress! I am always sad when my fabric has to wait. I found fabric that I bought when I still lived in florida that is over 6 years ago! -gasp- I think it was meant to be a skirt (what was I thinking eww its ugly for a skirt) thanks for pointing us to that blog though I am going to take the challenge as well!

  2. that is the cutest dress and fabric. I’m hoping to make some clothes for the girls this week for the challenge, otherwise it’ll have to wait…

  3. When I saw that challenge was going on I was going to tell you that you needed to do it! I’m so glad that you are!!

  4. I am joining in on this for sure! Cute fabric!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am a portugese mom from Lisbon and this time I just had to write. I LOVE your blog and I am a daily visitor! I just wished I had that much talent to sew for my 3 year old. Well, I keep on dreaming about learning to sew that well and in the meantime I do hair acessories for my Carolina (I use the yo yo tutorial and others).
    Thanks so much for your blog :-)


  6. Very cute dress and bow! Looking forward to all you fun creations this week!

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