we’ve been busy…

…at play dates…said goodbye to some fun girls who moved…we’ll miss them!

…smearing our faces with chocolate. (ok, that was just Sadie)

…running errands in style with Momma.

…making (ok, eating) fruit loop necklaces with Rayne.

…and having a picnic at the park, with dads in tow!

…isn’t spring great! What have you been up to?


  1. Sadie is definatly looking cheekier by the day … esp. in that first picture!!

    We’ve even had a fab week of spring weather here in Northern England (not know for it’s sunshine)I love it as it’s much easier to get my little one to sleep at night when we’ve been out and about all day! Although I don’t envy you in the heat with an ever growing bump!

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