well…it was bound to happen.

I just HAD to. Make the girls a matching outfit.

I swore I would never do that after being forced-er-persuaded….by my mom to wear matching outfits with my siblings growing up. I thought they were so uncool then. (it WAS the 80’s & 90’s though…there were some pretty…interesting fashions back then)

Anyways…couldn’t help it.

It matches Sadie’s bib dress I made earlier this week…hopefully it fits them at the same time! This one I made with a 0-3 month onesie so baby can hopefully wear it right away. I used this tutorial, although I sewed my panel together before gathering and hemming it. It’s such a simple dress, and so easy!

It has a matching sash…just like big sister’s! It’s only sewn to one side of the dress, to allow room for her little baby belly. I love the front, with the ribbon around the neck…I’ll have to try that again on another onesie…it’s a fun concept to play around with.

This gets me so excited for another little girl to dress up!

(er-raise….teach…nurture….all that stuff too)


  1. Oh my goodness so adorable! I actually have a baby girl shower tomorrow and don’t have a gift yet. You must be reading my mind. I’m off to get started!

  2. Love it! :) I especially like the sash you added. :)

  3. Nikki-that made my day! hehe! 😉

  4. Very cute! I must say that I am a little disappointed. I thought I was being so crafty with Rayne’s dres (shirt, attach the skirt) and here someone has a tutorial for it. Ah well. haha!

  5. SUPER cute! I match my boys ALL the time, LOVE it! xoxo

  6. Adorable, of course!
    I am also loving your new header… (maybe not so new? I am a bad clicker-over-er) Something about pale pale pink makes me so happy!

  7. So cute! :0)

  8. Hey. I made something like this a week or so ago and put it up my blog you should check it out, they are similar, I put elastic in the back and kept it unattached as to fit over my babies big head! haha. Way cute.

  9. haha, cute. eventually they might even want to start dressing like eachother. I usually pick out Emily’s outfit and then if Natalie has something similar then she wants to wear it. it’s funny.

  10. So clever! I love the ribbon around the neck. So cute.

  11. so cute, And matchy matchy is ok when they are that young. just don’t do it when sadie is 10. =)
    I’ve made some matching stuff for tabitha and her cousin who is 1 1/2 years older than her. Tabitha could care less, but her cousin loves it.

  12. It’s too cute not make a matching one.!! I love to make matching things for the girls. In fact, I’m working on capri pants for them.

  13. So cute!

  14. Totally adorable matching dress! Looking forward to seeing a pic of the girls in their dresses.

    Happy Easter!
    Donna :)

  15. I especially like the sash you added. :)
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