Ninny Mouw

Sadie has had quite the love affair with Minnie Mouse (aka Ninny Mouw) so far in her short little life.

She had a Minnie Mouse first birthday party, four trips to Disneyland within a year (twice where she got to meet Minnie), carries around her stuffed Minnie almost everywhere she goes (including her high chair for breakfast, baths, the store, etc), and sings the hot dog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show constantly. (that last one is pretty cute, actually)

So it was only fitting that I make her a Minnie Mouse dress up dress. “Only fitting” meaning I really really wanted to make her one…and luckily she was excited when she saw it! She even gets excited when she sees the leftover polka dot fabric in my craft room. She carries it around with her. huh. I wonder if she likes that more than her dress….anyways…

I used a basic pattern I had, adjusting it a little bit, and added a strip of velcro on the back for easy on and off. It’s a bit big on her now, but that’s fine with me, the longer she can wear it, the better!

I also just HAD to make these cute little felt gloves…I got the idea from this blog. So fun, huh? Sadie loves them and they were really quick to make!

Question: Why do the Disney characters have only four fingers? It’s creepy.

So here’s the best picture from our “photo shoot”. She does like the dress, trust me…

…it’s just that lately when Momma heads towards her with her camera in one hand and outfit in the other, it’s usually followed by a clothing change (bad enough)…and this commentary from Momma-

“Smile, Sadie! Stand right here! Look at me! Hey, Sadie! Stop picking your nose and look at Mommy, please?!”

Can you blame her for being a little wary of me and my camera?


  1. So cute!!! What a fun idea!!
    I feel for you on the difficult photo shoots!! Kadie is just now getting to where she actually enjoys it! I don’t think I’ll have a problem with Gavin though. He loves the camera!

  2. I often have that same conversation with Rayne! haha! Love the dress!

  3. Very cute Jess!

  4. She HAS to wear that to your next Disneyland trip. You may see the James Lance family there too! They go as often as you all do. Sadie… let me tell you girl. The camera phobia must end! It only gets worse. Just ask Mia and Phillip.

  5. Why does Donald Duck wrap his bottom half in a towel when he gets out the bath?
    And also why do the “Duck Family” eat Turkey at Christmas? Thats a little perverse if you ask me!
    The Mysteries of Disney!
    Love the outfit. What a lucky girl.

  6. Love it! Great Job.

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