…finishing up some last minute birthday shopping/craftiness. Three of my siblings have birthdays within one week of each other. yikes! (two are twins though…) AND I missed my sister in law Stephanie’s birthday last month. Sorry Steph…something is on it’s way in the mail for you!

…so grateful and encouraged for and by your AWESOME, wonderful, splendiferous comments on the dress yesterday. Count on a tutorial soon! (as soon as I can get some new needles…all I have are size 14 and 16…grrr)

…finally got a quick pic of Sadie in her sundress. :)

…trying to find a good spot to get View-Master reels. Sadie got one in her Easter basket and keeps asking for Pooh Bear, cause Grandma and pa Christian’s has a picture of Pooh Bear. By the way, she calls him Pooh Bear now…she’s graduated to two word sentences! hurrah!

…other two word sentences: “die dow” (time out), boo, peees? (Book, please?) “ee yah” (See ya!) No NONONONO. (this one’s pretty self-explanatory…and also longer than two words.)

…feeling very pregnant. 11 weeks to go….unless she’s late like Sadie. (11 days late, thankyaverymuch)

…getting my insides kicked A LOT.

…loving our Learning Tower. It’s pretty way awesomely cool. 😉

(dontcha love Sadie in her dress up mermaid outfit playing in the bubbles? hehe.)

…having a love/hate relationship with Sadie’s obsession with bubbles. On one hand, they make her soo happy and can keep her busy while I do other things. On the other hand…she wants to do them ALL. DAY. LONG. (oh well, look at that face! How can I say no?)

…very happy LOST is almost over. Rory and I are just about ready for the insanity to stop.

…grateful that Rory did the dishes from last night this morning for me. Thanks honey! You’re the best.

…loving my little brother and sister’s blog. Go check it out…they’re too cute.

…excited to see my sister Joanna in two weeks!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Sadie is so adorable!! She does lovely faces, I can understand you cannot say no 😉 have a great weekend too!

  2. Awwww…I love the ‘bubble’ story you shared. My little one loves bubbles too! :0)

  3. How could you resist that sweet little face!!! Wait until you start adding glycerine to your bubble mix for this gigantic bubbles they love to make!! lol .. Her little dress looks divine! Was that ready made bias you used or some you created yourself?

  4. Thanks Mel! I did make the bias tape myself :)

  5. I just recently came across your blog and I LOVE IT!! I am very new to this whole world of blogging. I just started my own a couple of weeks ago-

    I’m having so much fun, but I find myself getting so distracted and hours go by getting inspirations from all these amazing craft blogs out there! Do you ever find people’s blogs and wish they were people you met in real life because you just know you’d want to be friends?! Well, I thought I’d just stop by and say hello, because yours was one of those for me :) This post especially, because not only is Lost driving me crazy too even though I just can’t seem to stop looking forward to Tuesdays and being intensely glued to the TV, but also because my daughter is 2 and your story about Sadie just makes me think of her on just smile!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!! I can’t wait for more fun things to try.


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