slipcover madness

We bought this little bean bag chair on sale a little while ago (at the always money sucking Target), and while the pink was ok, I really didn’t like how bright it was. You can’t tell in this picture, believe me it was BRIGHT in certain lights.

Fast forward a few weeks. I had sewn up some curtains for Sadie’s new room, from some Meadowsweet fabric, but just didn’t like the print as curtains.

Then, my pregnancy-addled brain had a surge of energy and thought of making a slipcover for the bean bag chair!

Go, brain! rah rah!

So during her nap time I made this adorable, I think, slipcover. I tried finding a tutorial, but couldn’t, so I tried my best to make a pattern with some measurements and wrapping paper and just went for it!

It was basically like sewing a big ball, the only tricky part was getting the bottom opening (closed with snaps) big enough to fit the chair inside.

Anyways…I love the fabric in the room now that it’s a bean bag chair. and yes, pictures are coming soon of the girls rooms. I just have some finishing touches left. Like that perfect darn rug I can’t seem to find.


  1. Definitely cuter as an accent! Go, brain, go! haha!

  2. super cute! hey i saw a rug at TJMAXX in san jose that had all those colors in it. it waas in the kids section and i think it was $25. it was stripes with pink, yellow, green and off white.

  3. ahh! that is so cute, I love that fabric and sadie is adorable with it.

  4. So adorable! (… the girl and the bean bag)

  5. AWWW! I love it! As always gooooo… Jess!

  6. That pattern is lovely. And I really like that cushion with Sadie’s name on it. Sadie is getting one sweet room

  7. I just found your blog and I am hooked! I love the bean bag chair and am inspired to make 2 for my boys!


  8. Totally cute!! Go brain. ; )

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