she loves this one

Can you tell she loves this one? I’m soo glad she likes her new dress…I was wiped out after making it Sunday afternoon. This pregnancy is starting to take it’s toll!

Sorry about the mess on the floor…actually…no I’m not! lol. Take that. Sadie loves her play silverware. She’ll ignore the felt food and just play with that for hours. huh..

My favorite part of this dress are the they have a little knot for the closure. I liberally borrowed the idea for this dress from a little girl who had one like it at church this past week. I just had to make one during nap time that afternoon.

It also has a little sash that ties in back. aww! If I were to make it again, I would change the bodice a little bit, make it slightly narrower, and place the button holes higher. All in all, it turned out well for making a bodice pattern myself…with measurements taken while Sadie was soundly asleep. Thank goodness she’s more of a heavy sleeper these days. 😉

Here she is reading her FAVORITE book, Cinderella. We, uh…stole it from Grandma’s house. Sorry, Mom. We’ll give it back someday. Or maybe not.

Love her little crossed feet.

P.S. Who recognizes the skirt fabric? 😉


  1. soooooo cute! i swear everyday she just gets prettier!

  2. Cute!!! Love it!!

    Fabric is from the new baby’s crib bumper and quilt, right?? I love that fabric!

  3. Love the new blog banner!!!
    Also, love the cute little dress!

  4. She looks adorable! That last picture is my favorite! :)

  5. So pretty! I also love the crossed feet. :)

  6. I love this dress. I purchased some patterns and fabric (I’m waiting for) and can’t wait to start sewin’. :0)

  7. Um can I just say I’m a big fan of yours. I look at your blog everyday. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.


  8. She’s such a cutie! I’m absolutely loving that skirt fabric. :)

  9. That first picture is so adorable!! Sadie has the cutest smile. Great job on the dress.

  10. Awwww! Sooo cute! I love the knot dresses. Mia has one I made her a month ago! So springy and fun. Excellent job with the no pattern stuff. I am NOT that brave…yet

  11. So cute! Isn’t 19 months a fun age?

  12. Great job on the cute new spring dress! Love that you can use that fabric for so many different projects!

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