scraped knee and drama

Our local theme park, Gilroy Gardens (I will always call it Bonfante Gardens, though…the original name), had a free day today for Gilroy residents…so we decided to pay the 50 cents in gas and go see if we could have some fun!

Unfortunately, Sadie was not in on the plan.

Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad…but she only went on one ride, with Rory, and cried for me the whole time…I could hear her going around and around…WAAAHHwahhhWAHHHwahhhh. It was kind of pathetically funny. Poor thing. So we didn’t make it on any other rides, but we had a nice time walking around the park, enjoying the beautiful day!

She perked up with some cranberries. She loves those!

She also loved this little hat store. This is the proof I was there today. HElloO white legs! welcome to spring!

Alas, the drama continued with a scraped knee, Sadie’s first, believe it or not. We cleaned and bandaged her up, and she was good to go, with some string cheese to help numb the pain.

She kept touching her knee and saying “knee?” She was very aware that her knee hurt…So we gave her lunch, saw some ducks, called it a day, and took off. It was still a nice way to kill a few hours…hopefully next time we go she’ll be in a better mood. 😉


  1. Ah, her first battle scar! One of many more to come I’m sure :) I was totally bummed we couldn’t go, but next time we should all go and Sadie will be in a better mood! haha!

  2. aww sorry she had such a bummer day. We’re getting a membership, maybe we can take the girls sometime.

  3. awe, poor sadie! It will be the first of many wounds I’m sure. I remember when Natalie was walking/running her first summer, I put her in leggings and capris just to save the knees, it worked pretty well except for those really hot days. Strange mother am I.

  4. Awww Sweet!!! I love that top she’s wearing … did u make it? It’s just so adorable!

  5. No, I didn’t make it, isn’t it adorable though? Thanks Costco!

  6. Woohoo!!! the first BATTLE WOUND!!!! Way to go SADE-STER!

  7. I love Bonfante Gardens. We’ve been wanting to go. It’s been probably 7 years since we went last. I can’t believe that’s Sadie’s first booboo. She must be a careful walker.

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