mini chef

ok. NOW Sadie is really ready to cook in her kitchen. Before now she was not fully prepared for the messiness of cooking with felt…the lint, the er…loose threads I always seem to miss. But now with her new apron, she’s ready to go!

I used an old child’s apron my mom dug up for Sadie to use as a bib the other day. It was pretty simple to make, the hardest part was choosing the fabric. It’s reversible too, with a pocket on the other side, but Sadie was being a bit disagreeable, so these are the only pics I got.

It’s just a simple apron shape, with pockets added (I also sewed a few smaller parts of the pocket for spoons and such, see the first pic), then I basted the two pieces together, and made some binding tape to use for the edging/straps. Not on the bias, cause I didn’t have enough fabric (which would’ve been better, oh well). It still worked fine! (check out my bias tape tutorial here)

Anyways…I love watching her wear this while playing with her kitchen. Next up-a tablecloth and some dishtowels!

P.S. Check me out over on Ruffles and Stuff! Disney is featuring my i spy bag for her daily feature, and my ruffly bib (my entry for her ruffle contest), is shown too! I loove her blog…it’s so fun and she is super nice!


  1. Very cute apron on a very darling Sadie! Her hair is getting so long.

  2. So cute!! I need to make Kadie an apron! I have the fabric for it, I just keep putting other projects before it! grr…

  3. Cute! I also have to say I love Sadie’s pigtails. :)

  4. she is such a cutie. the apron looks fabulous!

  5. Now she totally is ready! haha! so cute!

  6. Where did you get the kitchen set?!! TOO Cute.

  7. My dad and I made it for Sadie for Christmas last year! It was a labor of love that’s for sure. 😉

    Check out more here:

  8. aww, my little girl is only 6 months old… but when she is older, definitley want to get her a kitchen set!!! The apron is so cute!! question… what does on the bias mean??

  9. Raegan-check out my bias tape tutorial here:

    it explains it all! :) good luck!

  10. Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to make an oven mitt and was so confused about the bias tape! haha

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