with knobs on

so…the knobs came last week for sadie’s dresser! i did a little happy dance (yesss!) and rory made fun of me. i LOVE them. they’re with rory at work right now cause they need to be chopped off a little bit, but i can’t wait to get them on for good! anthro really knows how to package stuff…it was wrapped in this pretty tissue paper and the shipping papers were in a little muslin bag. rory of course had to put his two cents in that they could lower the price if they didn’t do that…but whatever. boys don’t get the presentation factor, i guess.

i love the little vignette of pictures/prints/fabric above her dresser! i made the i am a child of god little sign, by printing it off on some scrapbook paper and sticking it on an old wooden nursery bunny hanging with glue dots. simple!

i got the la la love you print from this awesome store, it looks like they’re not in stock right now but will be coming back soon! when i ordered it last year, it came a bit damaged so they sent me a replacement. so, having two prints (one a little bent), came in handy with two girls rooms! i put one in each. i got the first year frame online somewhere, couldn’t find that link, but i located it here. i’m buying another one for baby #2!

we’ve got more stuff to do in their rooms, but it’s gone really quickly! i’ve told you about my obsessive behavior when it comes to projects, right? you should be able to tell by now anyways…haha.


  1. great job. love all the details, you really go all out!!!!! :) You must never sleep.

  2. The knobs look great! And I agree…guys just don’t understand and appreciate presentation like we do. 😉 I love the collage above the dresser, too. Thanks for all the links!

  3. You are so clever! I love those signs.

  4. Sooooooo cute!

  5. I really love this! I can’t believe all you accomplish while pregnant with a toddler!! You are amazing. That dresser and collage are lovely.

  6. The dresser and the arrangement above it look awesome! Great job!

  7. I happened across your blog while bloghopping from Hursts. I don’t usually leave comments on blogs of people I don’t know, but I had to thank you for the fun I have had looking over your blog. (I went way back to older posts too). It is absolutely delightful. I now have a fun idea for dinner and am excited about sewing some of your craft ideas for our grandkids. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Heather, and thanks for the super sweet comment! that made my day! :)


  9. I love anthropologie…we got some fun knobs from them about 5 years ago. The dresser, knobs, art collage, cute rugs, and the quilts are all ah-mazing. You must be tired!

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