we’ve never been rug people.

sure, we have ’em in the kitchen and bathrooms, of course. and entryway. but since rory REFUSES to take off his shoes while walking around the house, the carpet gotten a little worn in spots. like, in front of the couch.

so…i thought a rug would be good for the living room, but shopping for rugs is HARD. all the ones in the stores i just don’t like or aren’t big enough or are too expensive. i’ve been looking for months! (geez, aren’t my problems rough)

but today i found this one online ( and kinda like it.

it’s not what i pictured myself buying, (i go for more graphic prints usually) but it’s got a lot of colors to pull from-decorating wise… and it’s big enough…and the price is right.

maybe i need to step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

i’m eyeing this cute yellow one for sadie’s room…the pink one in the picture yesterday got moved to the baby’s room. just didn’t work.


  1. just a warning, i’ve never used rugsusa before but i did see this… i’m sure not all experiences with them would be this painful, but just in case!

  2. hmm, that link didn’t work! :(

  3. i’m not sure, maybe it was because of my <3 of ....'s before it??

  4. If ever I wonder why we are best friends it is things like this that make me remember…I totally was looking at rugs yesterday for our livingroom because my hubby has the same issue of not removing his shoes and I found one almost identical to that one! The design, the colors, everything! I am not even kidding we are so meant to be friends!

  5. Rory’s just like David. He won’t take his shoes off in the house either. Good luck rug shopping. Have you tried IKEA?

  6. I LOVE the yellow and white rug. I have seen it somewhere before and have lusted after it ever since. Is it from rugsusa too?

  7. yeah i found it on rugsusa’s so cute!

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