that’s what Sadie would say when we told her we were seeing some animals at the zoo. We headed up to the Oakland Zoo today for a fun family day. (Rory had the day off) We saw giraffes….and….well I didn’t get many good pictures of animals because it’s impossible with the fences….PLUS Sadie is cuter than any animal there.

although I love me a cute giraffe.

the animals weren’t the only ones caged in. haha, we let her walk around in the children’s section. she thought she was so cool. too cool to hold our hands…what’s that about? she’s already embarrassed to be seen with her parents? I thought they weren’t supposed to do that for awhile.

she LOVED the birds. (teet teet!?) we stayed there the longest. she also loved the little monkeys and meerkats. ok, i think i liked the meerkats more than her…they’re soo cute!

here she is pulling such an awesome face in front of the elephants. maybe it’s from the stench. those elephants are stinky. check out the glimpse of el belly!
Sadie kept her Daddy nearby and would only hold his hand while walking. (oh, so it’s just me?) she held out on her nap ALL the way home, until 2:30. wow that’s a trooper. We had a lot of fun watching her soak it all up.

p.s. Ikea went quick! half and hour. in and out! Got the tunnel and the wooden doll bed. :)


  1. Love Sadie’s pigtails! And you look so cute pregnant, Jessica.

  2. She is *such* a beautiful little girl!!

  3. I’m so jealous that Sadie has all that hair! Ella’s hair barely fits into one piggy on the top of her head. I can’t wait til she can sport TWO piggies! Looks and sounds like a fun day. Love your cute and TINY bump! :)

  4. oh my! i love her piggy tails!

  5. Only half an hour at IKEA?? I can’t even begin to scratch the surface in that amount of time. You’ll have to go back soon with a girlfriend so you can really take some time to shop!

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