My new baby came on a fed ex truck yesterday. No, not the one in my belly…my new Kitchen Aid! Yep, I finally decided…it came down to a few factors, and the Kitchen Aid won. (all you Bosch lovers, don’t ditch my blog, please! hehe)

I made some breadsticks last night cause Rory was so anxious for me to try it. He kept hovering and even washed everything for me so that it’d be ready to use. (that. never. happens.) I love it so far! I want to try making a big batch of cookie dough in it, just so I can sit back and watch the magic happen, instead of wrestling the dough with my pathetic hand mixer. Fun stuff!!

P.S. Blogger has been treating my comment notifications weird lately…I don’t get them for every comment…so if you leave one on an old post chances are I won’t see it. (grr) So, the best way to ask me any questions would be through the email me feature on my profile. Thanks!

Aaaand……here’s a bonus pic, just cause she’s cute. My blurry, puffy eyed baby with her binky shaped outline on her mouth, snuggling with her Pooh Bear. (this was after a “sick” night last week, so that’s why her poor eyes are so tired.) Can’t believe she’s already 18 months old! (yep, was planning on a post…forgot.)


  1. congrats!! i couldn’t live without my kitchen aid… you’ll love it for YEARS and YEARS! :o) happy mixing!

  2. dying for a Kitchen Aid!!! I hate making cookies because my wrists get so sore!

  3. awesome! color looks great!

  4. I love the sitting back part! Best thing about a stand mixer is it does all the work!! Enjoy!

  5. Oooo, you’re gonna love that! I have the same one (only in red), and it is the best!

    P.S. Blogger’s doing the same thing with my comment notifications! BOO!

  6. I have that same one (color too!) I have named her Big Momma! She sits in all her regal beauty on my counter just waiting to mix up something yummy! HAVE FUN and treat her well–she’ll be around for YEARS!!!!

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