a-thrifting i will go…

hit up our local salvation army’s 50% off sale yesterday! scored some books for sadie (really great shape, .75-.85 cents each , two skirts, each $1.80, one to be a dress for sadie (polka dots), and one from the gap to be a maternity skirt for me. snagged a cute (brand new old) pillowcase (.90 cents), for material. also grabbed an almost full bag of poly fil for $1, and a cute nightstand that needs a new paint job for sadie’s room for $10. sah-weet!

the great room switch a roo has started. we bought a desk from craigslist last week for rory…now his computer is in the front room, and sadie will move into his old office. sometime….not in any rush! i’m having a blast thinking of how to decorate…i have all these ideas but am having a hard time narrowing it down. har har. (steph) we’re looking at a dresser from craigslist today, and i’m really in love with the picture, so hopefully it works out and we love it in person. the price is right too.

anyways, will post pics of the furniture another time! have a great weekend everybody!

p.s. anyone score any great thrifting finds lately?


  1. You go girl! I hope that Craigslist dresser works out for you. Makes me want to go thrift shopping.

  2. Funny you should ask….I picked up four Potter Barn Kids wooden chairs in green for $3.00 each, A mission style desk that I painted “Espresso” to match a magnetic board and some bar stools in my kitchen for $30.00 and some ceiling light fixtures for our bedrooms in bronze for $3.00 each! I love the D.I. !! Can you tell we just moved into a house of our own?! Working on furnishing it with champagne taste on a D.I.(Deseret Industries) budget! :)

  3. agh! jealous of the PB chairs! and desk! what great deals! :)

  4. You’ve been busy Jessica! I love your thrift finds and can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  5. Congratulations. I love a good deal and I love thrift stores. Way to go.

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