letters and a desk

just wanted to show you a few new fun things in sadie’s playroom. (really a sunroom added on to the back of the house, but we LOVE it for all the storage and room it gives sadie…and her toys.)

a desk! we inherited this from my parents, it’s so awesome and vintage! even the paint is chipping, which, i kind of like. love the color, so it stays for now.

these abc letters…i had something else in mind for awhile, but this i was able to do in like 20 minutes, so…time won! i just cut out paper, and used glue dots to attach buttons in the shape of letters. i would’ve done a tutorial…but i just did it in the last two sentences. pretty easy and cute!

here’s a little corner of the playroom…it’s coming together…kind of. we still need lots of storage. (the opposite side of the room has toys scattered all over on the floor) plans for that are in the works…we may build something…can’t wait!


  1. so cute as usual! love your new header, too.

  2. As I was reading this Rayne came over and said, “Hey! That’s just like Jessica’s house!” haha!

  3. So cute! You’re so lucky to have a room like that! It’s perfect for a little play room! I love it! LOVE the desk! THats so cool! I love REAL vintage things!!

  4. I had a desk just like that when I was little! Love it!

  5. Love the new header! I also love the playroom. I wish I had that much natural light in our playroom (in the basement). So cute!

  6. So Cute! Love the desk and the prints together. Also, I love Sadie’s book holder. When Amelia started to lose her binky and night I made a leash that safety pinned to her jammies. Just make sure it is not long enough to wrap around her neck. She slept longer and did not need assistance to find it. I love to use the elastic string from shoes at Target…it is thin but sturdy.

  7. love the button idea! too cute!!! that’s why i love coming to your blog cause you are just so creative! thanks for all the ideas!

  8. What a fun place for Sadie and her friends to play;)

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