…sore from priming three pieces of furniture for sadie’s room. why did i decide to paint them all? lol.

…enjoying the sun! we went to the park earlier with aimee, gage, cassy, rayne, and baby dylan, and had a blast! sadie’s still conked out from all the fun.

…finally found some fabric i like for the girls’ rooms. well, for sure sadie’s room.

here’s the fabric for that…love the orange and pink combo!

for the baby’s room, i tentatively like these fabrics,

but not totally sure that they go with the wall color. we’re not painting, so it’s still this color:

it’s got a bit of blue in the flowered fabric…what do you think? i don’t want to be totally matchy matchy, and i also want to steer clear of light colors, i had enough of that with sadie’s nursery.

…is done with her tangent about fabric.

…is making pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight, yum! it’s made with root beer…i’ll let you know how it was!

…is done typing.

…but still let me know what you think about the fabric!


  1. I LOVE the fabric choices and think that it is darling with the paint color! What fun! xoxo

  2. love the fabric. especially the baby’s one. I think they both look great with your existing wall color! :)

  3. LOVE your fabric choices! Do you mind sharing where you found the green/white polka dot fabric? I love, love, LOVE it! :)

  4. Sure! I got the green polka dot fabric from this etsy store:

    It’s Michael Miller, Ta Dot in celery.

    the other two for the baby’s room I got at Joann’s, not sure about the designer though.

  5. Great fabric choices…and they will be lovely with that awesome wall color!!

  6. I too think the fabric is great. I will look perfect with the wall color. :)

  7. Love the Fabric combo’s you have picked out! Wow you have been busy;0) I am excited to see how your project comes along!

  8. I say don’t paint. Painting is not fun. Or crafty. Just skip it- it will be lovely!

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