crib book holder

alright! so here was the deal. since we got rid of sadie’s bumpers, things (namely binkies, which i can’t do anything about) have been falling out of her crib a lot more, and she’s been wanting out of her crib earlier and earlier. to save mommy’s sanity, i came up with this book holder for her crib, which (hopefully), will prompt some extra time looking at books in the mornings instead of wanting out.

although it kinda hinges on her leaving them in the bed. NEVER mind. it’s cute!

i used some heavy canvasy fabric that i had in my stash, and used interfacing as well, to make it extra strong.

hey, sadie! wanna test it out for momma?

hmm, so you just pull the books out? and read them? and put them back?

see? it works! (the first picture is her putting it back, actually) she looks pretty stoked, huh? (maybe it’s in my mind) speaking of happy….

someone got her (freshly washed) bear back! he got a little puke covered this past weekend, so into the wash he went…

what can i say? she loves her bear.

i did take pics for a tutorial, if anyone’s interested! i’ll post that sometime soon.


  1. What a cutie! We had pukers this past weekend too, not so fun. Love the little storage thingy, no crib left up in our house though :( Although it would be fun to attach to my oldests day bed. hmm, maybe with a spot to put her water cup, now you got me thinking

  2. Cute idea! If I had a toddler that I could try that out on, I totally would! Someday! Sad that her bear got puked on! But i’m glad he’s back! So cute how much she loves her bear! She’s getting WAY too big!!! and so cute!!

  3. My daughter’s favorite things in the world are books. This would be perfect for her crib. A tutorial would be wonderful!

  4. I am so excited about this!!! I was just telling my hubby that I wanted to make something for our 3 year olds toddler bed…this would be perfect!!!I am hoping it will entice her to stay in bed past 6am…we’ll see! Love it and would love to see a tute!

  5. I would love a tutorial! I’m sure I could figure it out on my own, but having someone else figure out the measurements is just so much easier!


  6. Hopefully it works for ya! Cute idea. Rayne would probably use it to stay up late at night rather than give me some extra morning time. haha!

  7. I would totally love a tutorial, my daughter is the exact same way.

  8. I love the crib book holder – I wish I had kids little enough to use it. Maybe grandkids!

  9. Cute! I could totally use this for my little boy’s crib!! Yes on the tutorial, please! :)

  10. She is so darn cute! And to have a book holder at her age….must be a genius! :) Too cute. Does the binkie go back into the holder when she’s done with that too?

  11. This is a really cute idea. I would love a tutorial on it. And, by the way, I love your new blog header. So fresh, so fun, so pretty, and so you! :) Have a great day!

  12. is there a tutorial for this???

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