corsage shirt

i’ve got this white maternity shirt that had a little stain near the collar. darn! not really. it was the perfect candidate for a makeover!

so i went digging through all my bookmarked projects and found this cute tutorial for a corsage tee. found an old tank top in the refashion pile, cut it up, and 15 minutes later…had this! cute no? (ignore the wrinkles please) it was so easy and i saved a shirt destined for the trash. btw, i love the motherhood maternity tees. they fit perfectly (once you have a belly, that is), come in all kinds of colors, and are soft and comfy. just a plug. they’re not paying me or anything. (wish they would…)


  1. Cute, love the color you went with for the flowers!

  2. Cute and simple! Love you new FB family picture. Sadie is getting tall!

  3. This on my bookmarked pages too! haha! great minds…:)

  4. Turned out very cute!

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