back in the saddle

after A LOT of work on presents in december, and not a lot of time for fun crafts, i was itching to sew again…so i broke out my stash of thrifted shirts and found this flowered one, that i had bought for my cowgirl outfit for halloween. it’s a bit…flowery…for my taste (even for a costume) but, it is WAY cute for a little girls dress. (of course, forgot a before pic. i stink at remembering those.)

i stuck with something easy, and something i had done before, dana from made’s tutorial.

i love this picture. it’s like she’s in the middle of telling me a grand story.

“and THEN…wait for it mom, it’s crazy…..”

luckily my sickies are well on the road to recovery after their 24 hr bug, and i am up to my eyeballs in cleaning and laundry. i JUST cleaned the house really well last week too, while rory was home. gorsh. we’re adjusting to life without rory at home, he’s back at work today after a week and a half off. sadie kept asking for him today (daddy daddy DADDY!!), so mad that he wouldn’t answer. lol.


  1. SO cute!! But the picture is the best part. My kids adopted the “wait for it…” when driving around looking at Christmas lights this year when waiting for the next display to pop up around the corner. Love the pointing.

  2. Ugh, this dress you’ve made for Sadie is too stinkin’ cute! Please come visit and teach me to use my sewing machine! Oliver and Sadie can play together while we play! :0)

    Speaking of Oliver (my 18 month old) he is a TOTAL Daddy’s boy right now and he did just as Sadie did when my husband went back to work after a bunch of time off – “Dada? Dada?! DADA!!!” I just couldn’t explain to him that he’d be back! LOL!

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