back in the quilting saddle

started sadie’s quilt for her new room last night! it’s going to be an hourglass quilt, inspired by this quilt. amazing blog, by the way. i’ve got 77 squares to make, 22 down, 55 to go. it’s a lot easier than my pinwheel quilt though.

after a trip to joann’s this afternoon, i have the fabric for the baby’s crib skirt and bumper, so i’ll be starting that soon…i’m excited to have some real projects going! it’s nice to turn on some friends (the tv show), and lose myself in the quilting process. i haven’t done that in a loong time. (some of you may think i’m losing my marbles…but i love it!)


  1. Your inspiration quilt is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your finished piece.

  2. Fun quilt, you are moving right along!

  3. LOVE the colors! I have got to learn how to do this :)

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