molly monkey

well, she’s finished!
cute monkey softie
i spent afternoon nap finishing her up and working on another present, too…i guess it finally hit me that christmas is in two weeks and i’m running out of time to procrastinate! darn.

here’s where i found the pattern.


  1. Awww, so cute! Sadie is going to <3 her!!

  2. Yeah…that was supposed to be a heart. Hehe.

  3. Love it- very sweet! :) You’re just so talented!

  4. How adorable! Good job Mom! :)

  5. So cute! It looks so complicated!
    I don’t think I’ve ever written a comment on your blog, but I’ve been lurking for quite a while! I love your sewing projects (I’m 16 and desperately want to take up sewing) and Sadie is just adorable!
    Thanks for having such an awesome blog!

  6. One of my favorite projects that you have done. Great job.

  7. thanks everybody! and thanks Lulu, for un-lurking! i loove when people say hi!!

  8. Oh how cute Jess!!!! I think it is so awesome that you and Rory have made the gifts you are giving Sadie this year!!!

  9. omg…that is too cute! great job!

  10. SOOOOOOOO CUTe!!!! LOVE that monkey! So adorable!!!


  12. Sadie is spoiled by your crafty talents… does she even know how lucky she is!?!?! :)

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