a few sadie-isms

…the other day we went driving to look at lights with my family, and sadie would say,”whoa” or “wow” every time we’d see a house with lights. uh…cutest thing ever!

…somehow this little stinker shoves her binky down INTO her footed pj’s sometime during the night (or early morning), and it ends up down by her foot. what a weirdo! haha. but only her right foot, so far.

…says,”WHEE” anytime she’s going for a ride on something….a shopping cart, my back, her horsie rocker.

…this girl LOVES her food. right after she’s done eating a meal, she’ll walk up to the pantry, point, and say,”nack nack nack”. she’s been known to eat two bananas for breakfast. (well, that was an accident, when rory and i took turns with her one day during breakfast, and neither of us knew the other had already given her a banana. but she ate both!)

…says either “nanny” or “lala” depending on if she wants to watch handy manny or charlie and lola. lately she’s been on a “nanny” kick. (i would rather she not learn pooh bear’s name quite yet….i can just see her shouting that out during church or something)

…has 12 teeth now…just two came in these last two weeks, poor thing. she likes to have her teeth brushed now, at least. it’s so much nicer than holding her down and prying her jaw open while she’s screaming.

…can put things back when we ask her to. (wonder how long that will last…)

…loves to “help” sort and fold her laundry. really, she likes to mess up any pile i make…so i have to be FAST. she loves to collect her socks and hide them behind her crib too.

…is the biggest flirt you’ve ever seen. if someone at the store says hello to her or says something about how she’s cute, she’ll give a huge grin, bat her eyelashes, and turn on the charm! she pretty much has all the workers at our post office wrapped around her finger.


  1. She has such a cute personality! I can just see her doing all of those things! Hehehe. :)

  2. Sadie is just too cute, thanks for sharing some of the things she is doing;)

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