new moon=strange car?

soo…new moon was great! but what happened afterwards was even better. so, joanna and i walked to her car, where a couple guys were standing near it…she tried to open her door but it wouldn’t open…i got in the passenger side…and got barked at by a dog inside the car! i’d gotten in a stranger’s car! not only a stranger…but a stranger who was standing right there, staring at us in disbelief! they laughed at us as we ran a few cars down to joanna’s real car. then we laughed til we cried all the way home. the end.

p.s. i really, really liked new moon! it was better than twilight we thought! we liked the wolf pack, and the special effects were awesome! having just read the book last week again, i can say that they stayed very close to canon, which made me happy!


  1. nice! that must have been super funny. been there, done that. :)

  2. HAHHAAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh my gosh that’s AWESOME!!!!!!! We are cracking up right now!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could have been with you guys!!!! THat is TOO hilarious!!!!!!!!! HOly cow!!!!! gotta love ya jess!! :)

  3. Hahaha! Man, super embarrassing. Thanks for sharing. :) Also, I’m real glad the dog didn’t bite you or anything.

  4. Hahaha! That is awesome!!

  5. I have totally done that same thing. Totally embarrassing.

  6. That’s hilarious! And sooo embarrassing! At least you can laugh at yourself.
    I similar thing happened to me not to long ago. I had the kids with me and James was so embarrassed. He was probably wishing he had a different mom at that moment.

  7. hahahaha!! It’s so funny!! I can imagine the stranger’s face! hahaha!

  8. That happened to me once, but luckily the owner wasn’t around. Great memory!!

    (I agree, New Moon was definately better then Twilight! And I’m glad we only have to wait until June for Eclipse! The year wait is a KILLER!)

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